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FW-190 Pilot
09-24-2006, 04:23 PM
Have you watch the episode about ww2 in the outer limits (its a ficition story)? Its about a Jewish's father (lets call him peter, but i forget the name in the episode) who suffered his lost of his wife and daughter in a hand of a Nazi official. 50 years later, he saw the same official in american street, who called himself Green. Peter wants to sue Green and put him on trail but there arent any evidence.

When it seems hopeless, a guy called aaron (not his real name in episode) show up and give him the evidence (a piece of jacket). Peter use this piece of jacket and request for DNA testing, but the result is that the jacket is too new, that it is impossible for the Nazi official to wear it. Peter decides to follow aaron and see how his get the piece of evidence. He found out that aaron is actually his grandson from 100 years later, and he has come from the future to help peter to investiage.

One day, Peter has looked for aaron, and aaron dont seems to be very happy at all. Aaron saids that as more evidence close in, the nazi official has bought a one way ticket to Argentina and was never heard of again.

Peter decide to go look for green and dress himself as a nazi official, and dress green like a jew. they would go back in time and Peter the "nazi" official would hand in the "jew" green to Green in 1944. The old Green has immidiately told the young green that they are the same person, but the young green believes that is a bunch of BS and killed the old green himself.