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Flammpanzer II / PzKpfw II(F)
(Sd. Kfz. 122)


On February 21,1939 German Army HQ ordered the development of Flammpanzer (flame-thrower tank). Both producers of Panzer II, MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nuremberg) and Daimler-Benz were selected to develop that project. Shortly after, July of 1939, soft-steel prototype based on Panzer II Ausf D/E's chassis was built. It was armed with two flame-throwers mounted on trackguards on each side. Flame-throwers were mounted in special turret-like cases (Spitzkopfe) that allowed them to operate at 180 degrees radius.

Each flame-thrower had its own fuel tank with 160 liters capacity which was enough to fire 80 "shots" at the maximum range of 25 meters. Flame-thrower's fuel consisted of a mixture of oil and gasoline that was "shot" with help of pressurized nitrogen stored in six pressurized tanks. Flame-thrower was ignited with acetylene "lighter". For additional armament MG34 7.92mm for which 1800 rounds were carried inside. Machine gun was mounted in a small rotating turret (Kugelblende). Its crew consisted of three men (driver, radio operator and commander/flame-thrower operator) and its armor protection ranged from 14.5mm to 30mm thickness. PzKpfw II (F) was powered by 6 cylinder Maybach HL62 TRM engine with total power of 140hp.

PzKpfw II(F) during tests in Germany 1940/41.


From April to September of 1939, MAN produced 46 complete chassis, which were to be converted into Flammpanzers by Wegmann & Co.(Kassel). Conversion started in January of 1940. In March of 1940, another 30 PzKpfw II Ausf D/Es were taken from 7th (10) and 8th (20) Panzer Divisions and were converted to PzKpfw II(F)s. Overall, 90 PzKpfw II(F)s were produced from May to December of 1940. 87 were finished by October 1940 and other 3 were finished in February of 1941. In March of 1940, new order for 150 PzKpfw II(F)s was placed but only 90 were built until August of 1941. The rest of the order was completed as regular PzKpfw II Ausf D tanks. In December of 1941, it was ordered that both 90 Flammpanzers and 60 tanks were to be completed as mounts for self-propelled anti-tanks guns - Marder IIs. Total number of PzKpfw II(F)s produced was 90.

All PzKpfw II(F)s were issued to Panzerabteilung (F) 100 and Panzer Abteilung (F) 101. During Operation Barbarossa, Panzerabteilung (F) 100 was attached to 18th Panzer Division and Panzerabteilung (F) 101 was attached to the 7th Panzer Division. Flammpanzers saw service in Russia until late 1941, when both units were withdrawn to Germany and reorganized. . Number of turrets removed from converted Flammpanzer II tanks ended up as part of German fortification e.g. in Norway. PzKpfw II(F)s were used as a close combat weapon working with the support of infantry task in wich it proven very usable but also too vulnerable to AT guns.

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You missed a couple of lines pal:

Surviving Flammpanzers were converted into Marder IIs
Today, fully restored and operational Flammpanzer II can be seen in the "Wehrtechnik Museum" in Koblenz Germany.



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Yes it is extracted from achtungpanzer.com, the Color pic is a scan of "Flammpanzers" by Hilary Doyle-Thomas Jentz/ Osprey Delprado editors.

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Man, German armor looks so awesome. Thanks for posting.

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And here is another, the Flammpanzer B2, basicly some old heavy french Tanks with several modifications.

The hull short 75 mm gun was deleted and a flamethrower put instead. Nevestheles the squizofrenic single place turret was mantain, so the poor tank chief had to command, load, aim and shoot the 47 mm gun also.

This tank was used in action in the Eastern fron in mid 1941.


Pic extracted from "Deustche Panzer Rariteten-waffen arsenal"

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A nice color pic of a B2 flamm used in Yugoeslavia by the Waffen SS, the maximum thickness of the armor was 60 mm at the front and his weight about 33 tons.

The range of the flame weapon was 50 meters.


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A nice color pic of a B2 flamm [...]

Err, a nice drawing you might say;)

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I think that those were sinonimous. :confused:


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In yugosllavia they didn't need thick armour because they where facing a weakly armed partisans.The pics are great i personlly like the 38 t flampanzer

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The maximum armor in the Flampanzer B2 was 60 mm. In here you can see one of the first in trials firing at maximun range (about 45 m) The flamöl ( flamenwerfer fuel) was propelled by compressed nitrogen.





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Flammpanzer III. Inf reg. 44th.

From February of 1943 to April of 1943, 100 Ausf M tanks produced by MIAG in Braunsweig (chassis numbers 77609-77708) were converted by Wegmann in Kassel to Flammpanzer - flame-thrower tanks. New vehicles were designated as PzKpfw III (Fl) / Sd.Kfz 141/3.


They were also commonly known as Flammpanzer III or Panzerflammwagen III. It was unmodified Ausf M tank with additional 30mm to 50mm armor plates welded on for protection to the hull front. This was done, as Flammpanzer III tanks had to get closer to their targets being vulnerable to enemy fire. In contrast to regular tanks, it was operated by three men crew composed of commander/flame gunner, radio operator/hull gunner and driver. The main gun and internal ammunition stowage were replaced with the flame-thrower and fuel tanks.


This vehicle was armed with 14mm Flammenwerfer flame-thrower and two 7.92mm MG 34 machine guns. The flame-thrower was mounted in place of the original 50mm gun and concealed in a thick 1.5m long pipe made to appear as standard armament. The flame-thrower could lowered 8 degrees and raised 20 degrees. Each vehicle carried some 1020 liters of inflammable oil (Flammol) in two tanks inside the vehicle. Oil was pumped into the pipe by Koebe pump driven by two-stroke DKW engine and was ignited by an electric charge (Smitskerzen). The supply of oil allowed some 125 one second or some 80 to 81 two to three seconds long bursts. The maximum range of the flame-thrower was 60m using ignited oil and 50m using cold oil. The range also depended on the weather conditions.


Sources: [URL="http://www.achtungpanzer.com"]www.achtungpanzer.com (http://www.panzernet.net/panzernet/fotky/tanky/pz3/055flamm.jpg) www.panzernet.com (http://www.panzernet.com)

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More images of the Pz II (F) Note the small MG one man turret.


The plate amid chassis protect the smoke bomb launchers from artillery schrapel and small arms fire.


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Rear shot of one PZ II F used by the PZ Abt 101 (F).


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Here is a Flammpanzer picture. ENJOY!