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08-15-2006, 07:30 AM
Here you can see well known "propaganda" clip:


And here a bit more real view:


and Part 2


What do you think about it?
I did my turn in the army and went through gruelling training and a lot of humiliation. I can understand why this was done to me and my conclusions are:

1. This is not an army, but sort of criminal gang and they never will be able to fight - perhaps kill civilians and rape some slow women - it took these blokes nearly 2 minutes to get dressed...

2. These blokes were complete idiots - 20 of them and 4 noncoms or rather "grandfathers" - (dedy, dedovshina) - in my time those fellows would end up in hospital for pretty long time, after even attempting that treatment of the soldiers. As I see it, each stool would be smashed right on the head of "grandfather".

3. Usually harsh treatment is given to young recruits, then it easy a bit. When selected soldiers go through "non coms" school, it can be harsh as well. But not in this way - straight from jail.

Anything like that will make these bloke suicidal - that's all.

I'm waiting for your opinions. (Cuts go ahead!)


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