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07-20-2006, 06:57 PM
Hey guys,

As you are all very much Brushed up on WW2 (and im rubbish to be frank with WW2). Therefore ive posted here in need of some help and ideas, for a WW2 Game (Called NORMANDY1944) that i have to create for college courses. (Of course the game can be completely different and have a different based name so im not limited to Normany alone.. however i cannot come up with a better name - if you can, let me know!)

However, i am struggling on the Singleplayer-Based side of things.

My aim is to have a large game with alot of diffeent objectives. Also having 2 or 3 different campaigns is always nice. (Maybe British/American/Canadian... and then when u liberate some frence towns you can be a French Resistance.)

Im basically struggling on what i can do Singleplayer wise.. my dad came up with the following; You start around 1940 and your a British spy relaying positions and information to the Allied forces... but you have to not be detected and you keep getting pushed back by onlooking Germans (by trying to avoid them) and eventually you get pushed back to Dunkirk beach where (funnily enough) the Dunkirk Evacuation of 1940 takes place and you are there to be resuced. You are then taken back to britian and can select which field you want to go into (Spy or Pilot) and either or get thrown off a plane like the parachute divisons into some remote place and relay information as a spy.

Now, that sounds ok but Spy missons are crap and so boring and the whole idea of a FPS is to shoot people so its a silly idea IMO..

So i came up with this; You start on the Beachfront in Yarmouth with your Allied Soldiers preparing your kit for the time that the green light is given to mount your U-Boat and Higgins and travel across the Channel to the 4 Beaches. Now you can select wether to be American, British or Canadian forces (in which you will land on different beaches) and then basically you are within the Army for the next few levels. You mount your U-Boat and take a nice long journey across the ocean towards your beach (Maybe even have you steering the Boat? and driving it for 30mins until you reach the beach? avoiding stuff?) anyway.. you reach the beach under heavy fire etc etc and you have to clear mines and hedgehogs and other traps to get the boats in.. your boat can be partly destroyed and you get thrown into the water and have to swim to the beachfront.. then you can take it upon yourself to be either a Sniper, a Rifler or an MGer. Hiding behind different locations and different traps (like the concrete Tank blocks) and slowly makeing your way up the front. You or your guys will have to breach the Sea Wall with explosives (which could be an objective) and get underneath a bunker where your sniper class can take out Germans uptop.. Basically do that then storm the area and remove any Germans. Once thats done you can do a hunt or settle down for the night and help to put fortifications up etc.. Next level. You meet up with Allied forced (American/Canadian/British) and the tank start to arrive. Then you can rechoose your army and push forward in your group towards the Surrounding towns, through popular destinations etc basically keep doing that through loads of different towns, howwever the levels arent 'stop/start' theyre more like you haave to physically walk to these places and walk across fields and roads to reach other towns (it can be like a large RPG but in FPS i suppose). Anyway so basically you keep going through towns etc taking them out.. or you can have an army that carries on up to Cherbourg. And this is as far as i got with my idea (i dont know alot neither enough about WW2 to get my single player right so thats whay i need help) all i could think of was that, but where does the game end? how does it end? because its set in 1944 and does not go past Normany neither the year 1944, so i cant go to the end of the war unfortunately.

has anyone got any tips or ideas of what i can do? Even posting up a Map Location tha ti could use.. as im still not sure in which direction we should go and in which direction a game would be fun to play singleplayer.

Anyway i would apprechiate any posts back,


07-20-2006, 10:46 PM
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07-20-2006, 11:18 PM
How about you don't take the route where every WWII game has gone, and change it up a bit. Instead of Normandy take the fighting else where. Let us fight in different fronts like Italy, or the Pacific. I would say Africa but that has been done already. Also let us have the choice to be Allied or Axis. One more thing how big on the production value are you putting into this game? Do you have a group you're doing this with, or is it just yourself?

07-21-2006, 03:58 AM
Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have a total of 2years to complete this, and i am currently working alone.

Yes doing other fronts have crossed my mind, but i do not have the knowledge to create such campaigns. If i had reference pictures, maps, locations and a general layout for the direction i should go i suppose i could do it.

When you mean pacific, do you mean incorporate the Navy, or just keep it on the pacific coast front?

And when you said given us the choice to be Axis, that had already crossed my mind. However the only way i can see it working in an FPS is to have it a campaign where you are able to spread and take over countries other than having to face a CounterAttack and be pushed back. It could work where your Axis and your aim is to be pushed back - but im not sure if this would work so well in a FPS.

Africa also sounds like a good idea, however like you said it as been done before and if the game is to be Unique then i suppose it has to have different things in it.

Thanks for the comment, and the idea about Axis is now at the top of my mind.

Please keep posting to give me ideas. :)

Thanks guys.

PS: Thanks for moving it, i didnt notice there was a WWII Games section!

07-23-2006, 11:26 AM
I agree, there are far too many games that cover Normandy, Omah Beach in particular. I am also sick of seeing games that just rip off scenes from movies(Call of Duty). I recommend a truly badass accurate East Front game or maybe something that involves partisan warfare set in several locales Yugoslavia, Poland, USSR, etc. DEFINITELY Yugoslavia if you choose to go that route.

I will provide plenty of historical information on these subjects if you are interested.

american sniper
07-23-2006, 11:51 AM
have it where you can be have dog fights in the air, dont make little small maps like call of duty have big maps where you can start on an air craft carrier and fly planes off it, and have bases so you have have planes take paratroopers over the field and drop them into the fight.

and make sure when you finish this game you tell me how to get it

10-24-2006, 07:18 PM
You could always have a little more Acheon in your life ;)

FW-190 Pilot
10-25-2006, 03:37 AM
the storyline is based on time machine and a time machine receiver. In 1940, the allied scientists has discovered a way to travel through time, but their technology would not allowed them to build the real thing. However, they have sucuessfully made a time machine receiver, where people in 1940 would able to receieve future time traveller. It is a portable yet light device where the character can carry it everywhere.

i used to have an idea that the whole reality is acutally altered by future time traveller. The original timeline involve german tanks crushed allied force in dunkirk and occupied britain. The time traveller (you) are in the future, where you have to steal german future radar system and smuggle it back in time in order to change history. you and your comrades crashed a military facility and steal that technology , this should be stage 1.

Second stage involve you going back in time, but the time machine has some kind of mistake that you have accidentally land on France, where the german troops will soon arrived. Not only you have to find a way to escape from the German troops, there are a lot of important personnel (such as free french soldiers that would eventually lead the allies in normandy) that you need to protect or not allowed them to be captured by the germans. since you have put on such an effective defense against the germans advance, hitler ordered his troops to stop advancing and thus change history.

now that you are off the danger from the past german troops, but this time you find out that you have left your time machine receiver back in the abandon base in France. You have to somehow find a way to smuggle back to the abandon base and retrived the device. but you would find it near impossible to do it because future nazi has followed this recevier and are trying to kill you. You have to overcome their resistant with your few comrades and change the signal of the receiver before more and more relieve arrived. in this stage, you have to face robot tanks, robots infantry units, heavy tanks, and helicopters. Even though your weapon wouldnt be shabby too.

the fourth stage would start off in the abandon base, where you have to find a way to go back to england. you find a few abandoned spitfire (old one) where you have to take the aircraft to the air with your few comrades and fight the nazi on aerial warfare. the end you hit over 10 aircraft with only 6 of your own.

You are now back in England, and future nazi has still yet to find another way to come back in time. Since you know so many things about the future, the military has asked you about the map on europe, and where did hitler hide his factories and what is his top end weapon. (your answer would include anything but the A-4 program, because in the original time line the nazi's victory has come so quick that hitler think it is not nessasary for the nazi to waste their resource on the missile program). finally intelligent reports stated that A-4 missiles program exists and it is because one of the future nazi was able to bring back the A-4 missiles program from the future, you two have fought in the abandoned base in France. However, when the war has turned against the future nazi, he is smart enough to retreat with the blueprint (which is partly destoryed), so the weapon wasnt perfect yet.

The last stage would have you fight on a P-51 mustang and go to their A-4 missiles program and tried to bomb their facility and killed the scientists that are in the building. Unluckily, your plane was out of controlled and crashed land on the building. the allied commander assumed that you are already dead and continue his second wave of bombers and fighters to the facility. After you land on the base, your time receiver has turn itself on and indicates that someone is trying to receive future time traveller via another time time receiver, it seems that the future nazi has anticipated the air attack and was trying to build another time receiver, so that future military can come and prevent the bombing and possibly won the war for the nazi again. You must get into the building to kill the future nazi and destroyed that time receiver in 10 minutes before any future nazi reinforcement has arrived and get out of the building in 15 minutes, before the bombers arrived and bomb you to hell.