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american sniper
07-10-2006, 11:44 PM
In vietnam there was a sniper Platoon called the 13 Cent Killers : The 5th Marine Snipers.

I was wandering during WWII was there any amarican sniper squads with unique names.

12-16-2006, 10:43 AM

Generally speaking PR around WWII-era Western snipers is an interesting subject but from cultural mainly point of view, not necessarily military viewpoint. Look please at the fact that the Western Allies never created an image of “sniper ace” in the midst of their armies. The reason is very simple. I would say the West is a culture of life whereas the USSR and 3rd Reich are the cultures of death. Not one WWII-era Western Ally described its top sniper in media and other means of national propaganda meanwhile from totalitarian state point of view the nations of such countries have to have their “heros” with official statistics of combat success against enemy including their confirmed kills for instance.

This is typical example what I called “the culture of death” in totalitarian system. The democracy is not forced to promote “top sniper aces”, “top tank aces”, “top submarine aces” because the soldier of democracy kills only in the cases if he is forced to. The soldier of totalitarian state sees the death since his childhood – on the streets, in the death camps, in media etc. and the death is something “normal” for him in his life, it is something like sport rivalry with ranking who will kill more. This is that difference.

Have you ever seen Allied sniper with the title of, for example, “top sniper of his regiment” who promoted the sale of war bonds in his country? Never. On the other hand look at the cult around Soviet and nazi snipers. This is that difference. The West is not a culture of promotion of the heads exploding after hitting by sniper’s bullet. Remember – such famous persons as poor Soviet child Pavlik Morozov after communistic brainwashing, Soviet miner Aleksei Stakhanov as well as nazi and Soviet sniper “aces” Matthais Hetzenauer and Vassili Zaitsev are totalitarian nationalistic “heroes” from the same devil’s box. They are the best image of totalitarian mental wildness and primitivism. You will never find such “heroes” in the West.

That is why I am afraid it will be hard to find the names of the US top snipers, and/or “sniper squads”, as you called it.

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