View Full Version : Queens Die Proudly questions

07-02-2006, 08:12 PM
I have a copy of Queens Die Proudly by W. L. White. It is the story of Colonel Frank Kurtz who was the pilot of the Swoose during WWII. The book also tells about his wife's (margo) life. Their daughter is the actress Swoosie Kurtz.

It is in good condition, no dust jacket, some wear at the corners. Pages are in great condition, yellowed but no tears of dog ears.

The book has an inscription that reads " To Tom Hynson: One of Avations' Greatest Benefactors and My Long Time Friend" It is signed Frank Kurtz Colonel, USAF and Margo. The "and Margo" is is in a differant handwriting.

Can anyone tell me who Tom Hynson is?

Could you give me some idea of the value of the book?