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06-05-2006, 02:34 PM
1944 in Review (http://www.wwii.ca/video/yearinreview1944.ram)
Canadian Army Newsreel. This newsreel reviews Canadian accomplishments in the year 1944, including the Italian campaign.(Runs 11:13)

The Capture of Dieppe (http://www.wwii.ca/video/dieppe1944.ram)
Canadian soldiers parade through Dieppe in 1944.

Juno Beach Landing video (http://www.wwii.ca/video/junobeachlanding.mov)

Canadian Paratroopers on D-Day (http://www.wwii.ca/video/dday_1canadianparatroopers.wvx)
Two veterans remember parachuting in behind enemy lines. (TV; runs 4:46) CBC Archives.

Crusaide For Liberation (http://www.wwii.ca/video/LiberationDDay.mov)
Cruisade for Liberation! from Canadian Army Newsreel 33, June 1944, 6 min 16 s. National Archives of Canada.

Scheldt-Mouth Housecleaning (http://www.wwii.ca/video/Sheldt.mov)
Video Scheldt-Mouth Housecleaning, from Canadian Army Newsreel nr.46, November 1944, 3 min 21 s. National Archives of Canada.

Left of the Line advance! (http://wwii.ca/video/Netherlands.mov)
"Left of the Line" Advance, from Canadian Army Newsreel 69, April 1945, 3 min 19 s. National Archives of Canada.

Ortona (http://www.wwii.ca/video/Ortona.mov)
Video Battle of Ortona, from Canadian Army Newsreel 24, 1944, 7 min 15 s. National Archives of Canada

Seaforths honour their dead (http://www.wwii.ca/video/seaforthshonourtheirdead.ram)
Canadian Army Newsreel. The Seaforth Highlanders hold a service honouring their dead after the battle of Ortona. (Runs 1:17)

Allies take Sicily (http://www.wwii.ca/video/italian_campaign.wvx)
After three years of waiting, Canadian troops land unopposed. (TV; runs 8:32) CBC Archives stream.

Canadian and German veterans return to Ortona (http://www.wwii.ca/video/returntoortona.wvx)
David Halton, son of Matthew Halton, and a group of Canadian veterans write the final chapter in the Battle of Ortona. (TV; runs 25:49)

Battle of San Leonardo (http://www.wwii.ca/video/battleofsanleonardo.ram)
Canadian Army Newsreel. Canadian troops lead the attack on San Leonardo. (Runs 1:58)

Lamone River Action (http://www.wwii.ca/video/lamoneriveraction.ram)
Canadian Army Newsreel. The First Canadian Corps makes a daring crossing of the Lamone River in face of German counterattacks.(Runs 2:13)

On the Road to Rome (http://www.wwii.ca/video/ontheroadtorome.ram)
Canadian soldiers advance on Campobasso, one of the first steps on the road to Rome.(Runs 3:05)

Caen (http://www.wwii.ca/video/Caen.mov)
Caen, from Canadian Army Newsreel 36, July 1944, 4 min 3 s. National Archives of Canada.

Caen 2 (http://wwii.ca/video/caen2.mov)
Canadian soldiers fight in the rubble of Caen; from The True Glory (1945), a documentary by the U.S. Office of War Information and the British Ministry of Information.

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I've added some of the videos so that they could play directly in the pages (thanks to youtube), check them out below.

http://wwii.ca/page9.html <- Vimy (WW1)
http://wwii.ca/page52.html <- Netherlands
http://wwii.ca/page44.html <- Ortona
http://wwii.ca/page14.html <- Juno, D-Day (2 videos)
http://wwii.ca/page21.html <- Caen (Still need to upload another, there will be 2 soon)
http://wwii.ca/page47.html <- The Scheldt

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