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12-15-2005, 06:39 PM
I recently recieved a copy of Europe In Flames by Talonsoft. There was a scneario called Seelow Heights. It was on the eastern fron just outside of Berlin in '45. Ive tried to google and wikipedia this and nothing really comes up. Can someone give me some information on this particular barttle??

12-15-2005, 06:50 PM
The Seelow Heights were the scene of the bloodiest battle on German soil during the Second World War. One million soldiers were in action in the battle of the Seelow Heights. Here, the German forces quickly formed a defence line when it was clear that the Red Army had reached the Oder after 1 January 1945. 100,000 German soldiers faced an overwhelming force. About 900,000 Red Army and Polish soldiers were ready to attack in the beginning of April. The defenses at the Seelow Heights lay about 48 meters above the flat terrain to the border River Oder, about 17 kilometers to the east. Despite poor equipment and little training, the German defenders were able to repel the first assault on 16 April. The Second day, the Soviet forces broke through the defences. On 19 April, the road to Berlin lay open. Military historians have long questioned the cleverness in Marshal Zhukov's plan of attack, because it was fully possible to circumvent the German defences. 50,000 soldiers died during the four day battle. Two weeks after the collapse at the Seelow Heights, Hitler was dead.

Source - http://seelow-heights.iqnaut.net/