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10-26-2005, 07:30 PM
I saw the following statement in one of "Gen Sandworm"'s posts in another thread "WW2 was the largest conflict ever known and hopefully it will end that way."

My view is that WW2 was the biggest war the world has ever seen and I don't see anything to rival it on the horizons. The world seems to have moved from competing on the grounds of territory to competing on the grounds of trade.

There are only two scenarios that I can see that will change the status quo:

1 - Resources (water/fuel/food/whatever) become very scarce due to successive natural disasters/climate change/whatever. In this case what will governments do? Watch their populations starve or steal by force from their neighbours? Look at the anarchy in Louisiana following a hurricane, what if the food/water shortages were on a global scale?

2 - Perhaps an Islamic nation/militant group/whatever sets a nuclear bomb off in teh US or Britain. What can these Governements do? Sit back and wait for another or annihilate all possible sources of such a bomb through pre-emptive strikes?

Or are we all too grown up for the above?

I'd be interested to know what other scenarios there could be for a "bigger than" WW2 war.


FW-190 Pilot
10-27-2005, 01:48 AM
That could be a storyline for a world war 3, enjoy, i post it before, so if you have read it then dont bother
Background story:
In year 2045, the German has sucessfully invented the time machine, they hope they can go back in time to kill Hitler before the disaster would happen to german and also to prevent world war 2 from ever happen. sadly this secret has been reveiled to a nazi mind general (hasnt think of a name yet).
You are the general and you are in Berlin, 2045 in the beginning of the game. The first objective for the general is to gather enough supporters as soldiers, which is close to the general and would wear unique clothes, when you came close to them, they will be your soldier automatically. When you think you gather enough soldiers, you have to attack a small military station to track down where is the time machine. Then you have to use the remaining of the soldiers to go to another military base to hack into the miliary supercomputer for modern superweapon's blueprint. By the time you did that, the german military already respond and start to send soldiers to attack you, you need to defend the base using whatever you have left. Start to build units like crazy, then continue to advance to the time machine, you would only have 30 seconds to do that before another modern german waves comes to attack you. once you knock down the defense who are responsible to guard the time machine, mission 1 is over
There is two time machine, you decide to let one of your general to take another time machine in case you didnt go back in time sucessfully, you also let him take all the blueprint with him, turn out to be a very bad decision

Second Mission:
you land peacefully in the third reich with your troops and this is the year 1942, where hitler's army is not lost to the russian yet. You find out you have arrive to the year 1942 by using a "time machine receiver", which is built by the german in 1942 (the time machine reveiever is a device to ensure future traveller can travel back in 1942 safely, too bad the german has not able to build the time machine before the war ends), now you find out modern german soldiers has been using these device as a vechile back in time to kill hitler. The first objective is to find Hitler and guard him from any modern german killing attempt. Modern german would keep sending troops to attack you. You would also need to protect your ancestor, since without them, you wouldnt be exist at all after all, so you would need to find them and put them in safety before the modern german soldiers did (you would have five minutes doing that before they are find by the modern german) There are four time machine receiver during the war and they are on the corner of the map, the second objective is to destroy those time machine receiver to prevent future troops from coming back to kill hitler, but modern german sodliers would be guarding those device, which makes it very diffucult. after the objective is done, hitler would have his heart attack, but the hospital that could have save his life is destroy (one of the time machine receiver is in a hospital and you take it down, you would need to use the remainning force you have to attack an airport occupied by the remainning modern german soldiers and steal one of a plane to send hitler to safety within 5 minutes, then mission 2 is over

Mission 3
you have reiceve a SOS from one of your general, he is not very lucky as he landed in soviet terriority near stalingrad surround by soviets (the soviets spy have capture the technology of the time machine reciever and build one of them, but they do not know what is the purpose of that strange machine), he is very smart as he destroy the reciever asap, he start to build a small base and has asked you to save him, you have to save him since he has all the blueprint for modern german weapon. The first objective is to save your general before his base collapse, you would need to set up a base in german occupied russia and start to send out scout plane to locate your general's base, you need to find the base within 15 minutes from the start of the game as the general would see that as you deserting him and surrender to the russian. After you spot his base, you would have control over the general in the game to allow you to use the base to keep enemy out of the base. Only world war 2 technology tanks are albe to use and you are outnumbered by the russian, they have air superioty and tank are way superior than yours, you would need your modern soldiers to have some kind of hope to defend the base,since you cannot produce them again, medics and engineers are essential to win this war. you have to defend the base for more than 45 minutes before a plane from germany show up, you would need to use that plane to land on the general's base and get him to safety, thats objective 2 is to use your remainning force to repeal against a big group of soviet tanks and planes, by defeating the soviet tank groups and infantry units, germany has already changed its destiny, and mission 3 is over

Mission 4
you are so disappointed as you are informed that your general is dead due to an aircraft accident, 90% of the blueprints are gone but still enough to make german a stronger nation, Me262, missiles and better machine guns are on service earlier than the orginal timeline, tanks are stronger and more reliable than the orginal timeline, and they are able to produce at a faster rate, what is the most important to the german is the ability to build a-bomb. Now using those technology, the german has reopen operation sea lion with better preparation. first ojbective is to build enough amount of V-2 missiles in order to attack effectively, to ensure the operation would go smoothly, you would need to defend france using by building AA guns and coastal guns, you would have me262 and panther tanks to defend, but they are again in small number, the french civilians would somtimes form in groups to attack you. After you build those V-2 missiles, you heard that english has send out spies to steal your missiles technology, you would need to find him within 5 minutes or you lose the mission, then destroy the beckingham palace with those aircraft you have (missiles are only have enough range to knock off coastal defense) and held off a large amount of allies fighters and bombers attack, then you have to get your panzer tank to land in england and try to kill churchill, you would only have 2 mins to find him and kill him, then mission 4 is over
thats all i have so far, please give me some feedback, thanks

FW-190 Pilot
10-27-2005, 01:53 AM
another world war 3 situation
Year 2013

- Taiwan has 66% supports from the public support to gain its independence. The new Taiwan president, who recently gains his second term, bought 120 F-22 from the Americans and thought there is enough protection with the current patriot missiles system and American troops in Japan.
- Taiwan has officially declared independence in October 10, 2013.
- China has started its invasion in November 11, 2013. The Chinese pilot are much inferior to the Taiwanese one and its plane’s quality is much lower. The Chinese navy has attempted to encircle Taiwan by ships, but it has been stopped by about 40 F-22, which sunk a whole bunch of ships. China also started to attack by missiles, but the patriot missiles are really effective, only 10 missiles out of 450 missiles would actually hit their targets.
- Japan and American has joined Taiwan and started to attack Chinese naval and ground troops

Year 2014
- War has been tough for china, but they are able to hold their ground and regroup their troops.
- In February 12, 2014, Russian has launched a massive attack on Japan and Taiwan with their missiles and planes. Japan and Taiwanese troops are quickly defeated as Chinese troops marched in both countries’ capital. US navy have a good fight with the Chinese - Russia alliance, but the Russian has able to send their troops to the back of the US navy and take Alaska by surprise.
- Mexico has joined The Russian – Chinese alliance, and they are known as the RCM alliance, Mexico didn’t start to attack America until big Russian tank has went ashore in Mexico soil in June.
- The Russian – Chinese alliance would have a decisive victory over the American troops in Texas, seeing Russian tank cannot beat American tank one on one, the Russian tank simply rushed to the American base and start attacking. Despite heavy loss to the Russian tank, all American tanks are destroyed in this action. Chinese tank went ashore on California and Russian tank in Florida. This is September, 11 2014
- Russian tank started to move out from Moscow and attack European troops, the Russian would use the same tactics against the European troops, which is successfully done and conquered Poland in just half a month.
- Without the support from the American, the Arab world sees that as an opportunity and start to attack Israel. However, Israel quickly repelled the attack and start to attack the Arab world in October 12, 2014.
- RCM alliance has engaged in many air fights with the American planes, but with limited success, the alliance has relied on their tank to conquer American homeland bit by bit.

Year 2015
- The president of Mexico has sent more infantry troops to American cities for policing and repelling against rebel army of Americans.
- The RCM has called that a final assault on American and claimed they would soon conquered Washington.
- Meanwhile, the Israelian has able to defeat all Arab countries and able to conquer almost every strategic point in the Middle East.
- Israelian has sent more than 300,000 troops, 2000 tanks and 400 F-16 to Germany to support Europe from the invasion of the RCM alliance.
- Germany’s minister of defense has learned from Erwin Rommel, whom he went to the battlefield instead of sitting back in the HQ, soldiers are so surprise of his move and gain a lot of respect to him. A Russian Migs injured him with a missile
- The Russian would want to encircle Israelian tank group by moving tanks to their back, but the Israelian has too much experience in that field to be caught on that. Israelian has ambushed on the north side of Germany and Russian – Chinese tank was get caught and was completely destroyed, Israelian planes and tank would continue to move forward to attack Russian infantry group, air unit and tank group. This is September 14, 2015.
- The RCM has started to attack Boston, but Americans used their tanks and air unit so well, that it encircled the Russian and Chinese army separately, with the help of the rebel army of the Americans (mostly lowly trained infantry units). The American has turned the tide and prevented the RCM alliance from entering Boston. However, the war is still not over. There is still an absolute advantage in terms of manpower to the RCM. Americans quickly rebuild their tank and aircraft units.

Year 2016
- Japanese and Taiwanese citizen has started a rebellion against Chinese occupation troops in Tokyo, many of the citizens has able to take his homeland city/village back in a week. Similar event has happen in Israel in the same time; 2 million Arabic infantry quickly defeat the Israelian army. American has a carrier there and they have sent planes to Israel to escort Israelian refugees to safety, the American planes have encountered the Arabic planes and engaged in fights. This is January 12, 2016
- In January 13, 2016, Israel has been completely conquered by the middle east alliance
- American has conquered half of its country back, and the RCM alliance is breaking apart with Chinese soldiers’ morale sink to a low point because their way of going home is being blocked by Japan-Taiwan alliance, and their homeland being invaded by them, Mexico soldiers wants to be US allies again and Russian’s capital being invaded by European force.
- The entire European force is going after Moscow, except for 50% of the German troops have to stay in their home country. Ever since Israel has fallen to the hand of the Arabic country, the general of the Israelian force in Eastern Germany has claimed himself as prime minister of Israelian and claimed Eastern German to be the new Israel until their troops would take back the old Israel, that upset many German people and they used the excuse to riot against the government, the government are forced to use half of its force to settle down the riots. The German are even more furious when they learn that the Israelian has put German rebellion army’s capture in concentration camp. The rest of the European countries are in more stable situation and they use only volunteer police to settle things down.
- Adolf Hitler II, the head of the German police department in the western Germany, he hated the Jews as the kidnappers of his parents are happen to be Jews, his parent are dead because of being brutally beat up. He has 5000 police that shares the same value with him because of their family in the concentration camp. Adolf Hitler II would have a famous speech in October 11, 2016. Promise that the German would again be a strong nation.
- Adolf Hitler II has convinced an army garrison of 50,000 soldiers to join in October 29, 2016. The Nazi German has revived, but they have a hard task in front of them, which is to defeat the Israelian force of 300,000 well-trained soldiers. The army has 16 special missiles that could disable Israelian soldiers’ machine gun by frying their batteries, but the missiles are too heavy and it can only be launched to a very short distance. Adolf Hitler II, being a amateur pilot, is willing to risk his life to take part of this.
- The invasion would start in November 01, 2016. The German would fly their aircraft over the Israelian base with the special missiles. Luckily for Adolf Hitler II, he survive the attack by anti-aircraft gun and missiles, as soon as the first wave of attack has disable the machine gun of enemy troops, the police force has moved in to the base with their electric gun, supporting by anti tank unit and tanks group. Nazi German tank group would divide into two groups and cut enemy troops into three parts, the Israelian tank tries to counter attack with their tank group, but many of them are destroyed by Nazi F-16. Meanwhile, the Israelian anti tank group does not respond fast to the war area to support its tank, when they arrive the battlefield; it’s already too late. At the same time, the German inside the concentrate camp would break out and start to attack Israelian troops. At the end, Nazi German has a complete sweep of the Israelian army with 40,000 causalities of its own.
- The German prime minister has learned that his popular minister of defense has actually contacted the Russian authority about surrendering to the Russian before the Israelian troops came to relieve. He begins to gather evidence. Somehow, the minister of defense has know this secret
- To act fast, 50% of the German troops lead by the minister of defense has surrender to the Nazi German troops in Berlin soon after the victory over the Israelian. The prime minister is being executed for treason and attempted murder to Minister of Defense.
- German troops have moved on to attack France and Britain. Troops in Russians are unable to come back to save their own country because they are already tie with the Russians. This is December 25, 2016
- 50% of the German troops has retreat from the Russian front line and return to German to attack England
- In December 27, 2016, the German has defeated most of the French army, but one of the German platoons has been trapped inside Paris by a number of French volunteer troops. The commander of the platoon has ordered his troops to kill as many citizens as possible; he is later save by Adolf Hitler II and is executed for mass murder.

Year 2017
- England and France has officially surrendered to Germany. The European troops in Russia are forced to surrender to the German as well, so the troops could have the supply they desperately need to continue the war with Russia.
- The minister has known that the secret would be soon find by Adolf Hitler II that he has contacted the Russian, he has gathered a number of troops that still trust him to rebel against Adolf Hitler II. Along with retired soldiers in Germany, France and Britain. However, is quickly crushed by a group of more experience Nazi German soldiers. The former minister of Defense has escape to Africa with few of his surviving troops, he conquered a piece of land just enough to create a new country, but he never creates a threat to Nazi German again.
- After years and years of war, Americans are now back in the 1900 lifestyle, wars are trench style, and sometimes even by knifes and sword
- Many generals have realized their home is either conquered by nazi German or they would have no hope of going back home base on their supply and resources. Many generals have claimed themselves to be president of an area, which basically ripped America into many smaller countries.
- June 04, 2017, Germany has rebuild FW-190 and many of its World War 2 weapon to have a parade in Berlin, celebrating their success on Europe.
-June 28, 2017, Germany has conquered Moscow and other main Russian cities, The Russians has surrendered to the Nazis

Year 2020

- Mexico has agreed to form alliance with America once again. In exchange, America has to give back Texas to Mexico.
- America has reunited as two countries with the help of Mexico, after years and years of war.
- Nazi German has formed an alliance to the Northern America and start to send troops to assist Northern America
- Miami, the capital of Southern America, is taken by a German elite force
- Southern America has officially surrender in July 4, 2020, ending the 7 years of world war 3

11-28-2005, 10:54 PM
In year 2045, the German has sucessfully invented the time machine, they hope they can go back in time to kill Hitler before the disaster would happen to german and also to prevent world war 2 from ever happen. sadly this secret has been reveiled to a nazi mind general (hasnt think of a name yet).

Time travel is impossible!! Scientists have theories that allow the travel forward in time, but not backward! Traveling to the past defies any concept of reality as we know it!

FW-190 Pilot
11-29-2005, 01:40 AM
its obviously fiction

PzKpfw VI Tiger
11-29-2005, 06:29 AM
Another WWIII Scenario is when the whole planet (or at least all countries with nuclear weapons) are engulfed in a Nuclear Holocaust and we destroy the entire human race thus ending WWIII and civilized life on the planet. :roll:

11-29-2005, 06:53 PM
its obviously fiction

Sorry! :oops:

Im a realist. I tend to take things very literaly.

12-19-2005, 07:29 PM
I liked the seven year war story i might read it to my self as a bedtime story :lol: but seriously it was a good story.

cpl condor
12-21-2005, 10:13 PM
thaks heavens that still lacks years for 2013. 8)

cpl condor
12-21-2005, 10:15 PM
its obviously fiction

Sorry! :oops:

Im a realist. I tend to take things very literaly.
the life is imagination also.....

12-22-2005, 08:32 PM
its obviously fiction

Sorry! :oops:

Im a realist. I tend to take things very literaly.
the life is imagination also.....

so are dreams.