View Full Version : Attack on Bizerta\Italian POW camps

10-18-2005, 05:42 PM
I need some help researching my fathers war. He died 23 years ago and was always a bit quiet about his "bit". I've spoken to chaps who were in his commando unit and have a copy of his record from the Ministry of Defence but can't get any real info on some of his service.

He joined the Welch Regiment in 1940 but got bored with guarding airfields etc. so transferred to the Army Commandos, No 1, in Sep 1942. He took part in the attack on Tunisia, was captured and ended up initially in an Italian POW camp and when they surrendered he was transferred to a German camp just south of Dresden where he remained until the end of the war.

His active war (killing people) lasted from 14/10/42 to his capture by Italians on 01/12/42 all of this in the 1st Army in N.Africa (Tunisia). He was part of a big Commando attack on Tunisia by his unit with the goal of capturing the airfield in Bizerta. I know it was supposed to be supported by an American army thrust towards the airfield which never took place. In fact he carried a dislike of "yanks" to the day he died but never had anything against the Germans or italians! They defended their positions south of the airfield for 3 days but were eventually overcome by Italian and German forces when American help was not forthcoming.

Sorry to waffle but does anyone know anything about this battle for Bizerta? Also does anyone know of a site that deals with Italian POW camps? I know which German camp he ended up in after his transfer from Italy once they'd surrendered but have no idea EXACTLY where he was held before this.

Any help you can give will be brill.