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Gen. Sandworm
10-01-2005, 05:11 AM
Ok so here is Gen. Sandworm's guide to cheating at Hearts of Iron 2.

Once you figure out how the game works you can do pretty much whatever you want with this. BTW this if for patch 1.2. Anyhow:

Ill start with the good stuff. How to get techs. Load a game and hit pause (coz this might take a bit) and hit the F12 button.

To get a tech type in "tech xxxx" and hit enter. The xxxx will correspond to a certain tech.

They run like this ... increasing 10 each time. So for example 1010 1020 1030 and so on. You might hit a few gaps everyonce in awhile in the ranges that I have listed but if you type in every number you will get all the techs. You can learn which number is which tech on your own.

Infantry: 1010 - 1360
Armor and Artillery: 2010 - 2540
Naval: 3010 - 3450
Aircraft: 4010 - 4280
Industry: 5010 - 5590
Land Doctrine: 6010 - 6370
Secret Weapons: 7010 - 7290
Naval Doctrine: 8010 - 8360
Air Doctrine: 9010 - 9460

If you want to do this for alot of countries......instead of reloading the game each time and typing all this crap in just go to the hearts of iron folders on your computer and find the script for the country you want to work with. I suggest saving the orginal copy to another location first.

Moving on.......... some other useful cheats

event 1009 = -3 dissent
event 1013 = +1% Industrial effiency
nuke = +1 nuke
acceptall = AI will accept all your diplomatic actions
freedom = You can change your sliders to whatever setting you like
norevolts = toggle on and off revolts. For all countries.

Typing in the following will give you +5000 to whatever you type in:


Here are some more cheats that are a mix of orginal game and 1.2 patch:


If you have any questions or comments about the game or cheats you can talk about it here.


So know you can make any type of world you want. Trust me if you type in all those cheats you can steamroll the world with any country.

Anyhow hope this helps and have fun.