View Full Version : Two Type 4 150mm SPH Ho-Ro captured at Clark Field area durning Luzon Campaign

03-03-2016, 04:42 PM

During the Luzon campaign Japanese used by two Type 4 Ho-Ro SPH. This vehicles participated in battle of Clark Field (from Jan, 27th to early March).
I have a problem with the establishment of three facts. I'll be grateful for the help.

At Clark Field, one Ho-Ro fought with M4 tanks as tank destroyer. They shot
M4 tanks with direct fire. But, it is unknown whether they destroyed M4
tanks or not.
Someone knows of what armored unit could be this M4 tanks? I know at battle of Clark Field fight (among others) Company B and D from 754th Tank Battalion.
Company D supported Company K/129th Inf. Regiment in the fight on the west of Clark Field.
Company B attached to 40th Inf. Division.
I analyzed the battle reports of 754th Tank Battalion during fight at Clark Field. M4 tanks from this battalion they were lost largely on the land mines. I have not found information about the duels M4 tanks vs enemy SP guns. But maybe my knowledge is incomplete.
I'll be grateful for any help. Also for suggestions.

Someone knows which US unit captured by this two Ho-Ro SPH? Probably 129 Inf. Regiment - but I'm not sure. One Ho-Ro was destroyed by crew after the fight with M4 tanks and another - caught fire by HMG shooting.
Probably this vehicles captured by 3rd Battalion of the 129 Inf. Regiment and/or Company D from 754th Tank Battalion.
I'll be grateful for any help. Also for suggestions.

Americans captured by at Clark Field area - two Ho-Ros SPH. One vehicle were taken to the US (now exists in Quantico). We know, what happened to the second captured vehicle?