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I had browse recently many topics in the forum and there are, sadly, a severe loss of information due many pictures and photograps whom contained images and tables are no longer available because hosting problems, I also feel that since new information is available on the subject is worth to create a new, cleaner and tidier topic about the machineguns and cannos in use by the german air forces.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/77/Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-390-1220-20,_Russland,_Flugzeug_Me_109_des_JG_54,_Wartung.j pg

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Low production guns, MG C30, MG 204

The information about this two systems is still scarse and somewhat contradictory. The MG c30/l caliber 20x138b was a Swiss Solothurn design for and army support and light Flak gun. The weapon was originally box magazine fed with 20 rounds, for aircraft use a 60 rounds (some sources say 100 rounds, but the size in photograps doestlook like a 100 rds to me)
Short recoil operated with intermediate locking ring, rate of fire was 300-340 rpm. Basically a Rheinmetall Borsig Flak 30 adapted to fighter use.

Another in short production mode was the 20mm cannon MG 204, it use a shorter 20x105mm rimless amunition, the weapon empleyed a short recoild system and is a full auto version of the Solothur S18-350 antitank rifle. A cannon devoted exclusively to flying boat like the Do-26, BV138 and Dornier Do-24. rate of fire 300 to 330 rpm, weight 45 kilos, muzzle velocity 740 to 740 mps.

MG 204



On BV138


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2 images of the Erhardt-Solothurn MG C30 / L ( also know as MG 102) notice the large drum magazine for the 20x138b ammo below the action, a weird location because most guns of the had it in the side or on the top position.

http://img276.imagevenue.com/loc356/th_966272690_ehrhardt_6_122_356lo.jpg (http://img276.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=966272690_ehrhardt_6_122_356lo.jpg) http://img282.imagevenue.com/loc377/th_966274580_ehrhardt_9_122_377lo.jpg (http://img282.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=966274580_ehrhardt_9_122_377lo.jpg) http://img282.imagevenue.com/loc181/th_966276759_he112v6_122_181lo.jpg (http://img282.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=966276759_he112v6_122_181lo.jpg)

The only know operational use of this large gun was in the ground strafer/antitank experimental plane Heinkel 112 V6 as "motorkanone", that means firing trhough the propeller hub. German pilots of the J88 fighting in Spain in 1937.The pilots claimed 3 T-26 tanks and 2 armored trains destroyed, wich is not a surprize because the large muzzle velocity of 860mps.
Later in 1940 many were adapted fof air defense role in the Atlantic wall.

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Good to see you Panzer...

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Mauser MG 151/15: the forgotten heavy machinegun.

This was a very good weapon,wich is very often overlook or simply mistaken by "bigger" brother MG 151/20. I remember when a child reading the Martin Caidin books full of errors like the one saying this was used in the sinchro mounting above the engine of the late ME-109Gs and Ks.
Is true that Interchangeability between both models was characteristic from the begin, both calibers were developed at the same time, starting in 1934.

The 15mm gun uses a longer barrel, as you can see here in then B picture.


From the technical point of view the design is very good and quite releable, using a short recoil system with rotating bolt head and (like most german automatic guns) a quick change barrel, but requires a high level of tolerances and sophisticated milling machines. The British Ministry of the Air had the oportunity to examinate a Mauser 15mm intact after the 20 kills ace Rolf Pingel crash landed in a beach with his ME-109F2 and asked to the armament manufacturers to copy these. The english industrilas rejected the offer , they didnt pocess the qualified workmanship nessesary for the elaborated machining of the 15mm machinegun components.