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08-22-2015, 10:57 AM
Men Claim to Find Nazi Treasure Train in Poland Loaded With Art, Gold

by Carlo Angerer


Zwirner / Bundesarchiv

MAINZ, Germany — Two tipsters claim to have found a Nazi-era train carrying gold, gems and valuable art hidden underground in Poland, according to authorities there who said the pair had demanded a finders' fee.

Officials in Walbrzych, near Poland's south-western border with the Czech Republic, told NBC News they are treating the claim as credible and have alerted government agencies in the area.

Towards the end of World War II, the Nazis built many military installations underground to protect them from Allied air raids.

According to local legend, a German military train carrying guns and valuables went missing inside one such tunnel during the advance of the Soviet Army towards Berlin in 1945.

Marika Tokarska, a Walbrzych city council official, said the discovery claim was made by a Polish man and a German man who informed authorities via a lawyer that they would reveal the location of their alleged find only if they were guaranteed to eventually receive a finders' fee of 10 percent of its value.

"In the documents they sent us, they inform us that they have found a military train from the second World War and that outside the train some guns and weapons can be seen," Tokarska said. "They also said there could be gold and some other precious things inside."

One local news site said, without citing a source, that the train may have as much as 300 tons of gold on board.

The lawyer for the men, Jaroslaw Chmielewski, told Reuters his clients "are not treasure hunters, attention seekers" but "people who have significant experience in this (area)."

Local historian Joanna Lamparska told Polish TV station TVN24 that the truth behind the local legend had never been established.

"No one, at least in my knowledge, nobody has ever found documents that would confirm this information," she said.

However, city officials have alerted the army, police, and firefighters as they are afraid that the find could be dangerous.

Tokarska said the train, if it existed, could be mined, and methane gas could have built up in the tunnels.

She added that police in the area are looking for suspicious activity, as they do not want any amateurs digging for treasures now that the new claims have been made public. Officials have not made a decision on a finders' fee, but are urging the claimants themselves to come forward because any weapons found must immediately be reported to police under Polish law.

"They don't want to show us the place before the 10 percent guarantee," Tokarska said. "That is a big problem, because we don't know what's inside."

MSNBC LINK (http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/men-claim-find-nazi-treasure-train-poland-loaded-art-gold-n413131)

08-22-2015, 08:59 PM
Isn't that a bit harsh, asking for ten percent of looted treasure?

08-23-2015, 05:19 AM
Isn't that a bit harsh, asking for ten percent of looted treasure?

Looted arts that have been identified in German and Austrian Museums are still going through the courts to have them returned to the original families with the authorities not wishing to admit they are or were stolen.

A family was found to have been selling off looted art that was amassed in WW2, every time they were short of money they sold another painting they had - came to light recently with families now chasing the pictures.

I am sure there are many more examples of looted treasure being claimed or used to make money for those who they do not belong to - instead of just handing them back.

Smirks though - maybe they should agree to the 10% finders fee but add a caveat of 10% payable by them to any clean up and disposal the site may require.

08-24-2015, 12:53 PM
As long as some governmental entity does not already hold claim to the alleged find, the men may petition for a finders fee, though a court may well be the body that determines what if any percentage would be appropriate. as to which items a fee might apply too, the Art works (being stolen property)are the legal property of its original owners, so any fee for their recovery would have to be granted by those owners, or their successors. The Gold is much more difficult to make a determination of ownership, as it may never be known what its source was. (assuming their are no extant records that could establish this) If these guys found it, they should get something certainly, it's not an unreasonable request, but getting 30 tons of gold is a bit much for a pat on the back. But it seems in this day, and age, that negotiating a deal is expected. And should all of this turn out to be true, I'm pretty sure there will be a publishing deal in it for the finders. They'll get some fame, and some fortune, but doing the right thing is also a part of their reward that they should ponder a bit more.

Frankly Dude Really
08-31-2015, 06:00 AM
Treasure found and excavated from Spanish galleons are claimed by the Spanish (minus finder's fee) and not a penny goes to the descendants (well, who in fact? Mexico ? Peru ?) of the Inca's and Aztec's.
And wasn't their gold and precious stones also stolen/looted from the smaller South American tribes ?

I can imagine if a piece of artwork is found, value say 10 million USD, that can be traced back to a private family, but the family has no funds to pay 1 million for the finder, that it is forced to auction the painting...but at least get 6 million USD for it (1 for finders, 1 for auctioneers, 2 for taxes).,,but the painting won't be back in the hands of the family heirs.

Btw , when I looked on google maps for that region (they gave two polish townnames) and the current railroad track, you'll notice some very odd meandering of the line...which makes no sense other than that the direct shortcut line is purposely "covered". Perhaps the train is found there...
See Swiebodzice the TLK line.