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11-14-2014, 08:19 AM
:army: Just listening to BBC radio news as I was emerging from sleep (such as it was) this morning. According to the BeeB, the UK Government's policy of "rationalizing" the British Army is in trouble. The idea was that the professional standing Army would be "rationalized" (i.e. cut down to the bone), with the deficit made up by the recruitment of additional part-time soldiers to the Territorial Army (the part-time reserve force, traditionally composed of units adjunct to standing army units, and applied to local defence within Britain - a successor to the old "Yeomanry" and "Militia"). This plan was doomed to fail. Not surprisingly, the fresh-faced youth of Britain were unenthused by the offering - signing up to a commitment that would require them to disrupt their "lives" on social media and gaming sites, and might propel them, with little warning and insufficient training, into some sandy Hell-hole where they would be shot at by (better-trained) former schoolmates now wearing turbans. The TA recruitment drive has gone so badly that the age limit for recruitment has been raised to 52 (!). One recruiting officer told a BBC reporter that the response to the efforts of himself and his colleagues was so poor that they would "take anybody" at this stage.

Where the British Government will go with this from here will be interesting to see. What will they do ? Raise the qualifying age even further ? Hold on - maybe a solution is at hand ... Yours from the Chelsea Hospital, JR.


Rising Sun*
11-15-2014, 06:25 AM
At the simplest level, if you're not prepared to fight to defend the country in which you live, then you're not entitled to live there (women, children, and conscientious objectors naturally excluded, although only the latter have any rational entitlement to exclusion in the dominant age of gender (actually sex, as gender is a grammatical term which like so many words has been corrupted by sex and other word and social warriors to pursue their abstract causes) politics.

At a slightly higher level, will the planet cease to rotate if a British soldier or his (or, in the interests of avoiding accusations of sexism, a member of one of the countless infantry battalions with female soldiers up the sharp end) equivalent in allied forces fails to fire a round into the numerous targets in the Middle East / Central Asia / and related target hot spots?

What would happen if the infinitely more powerful West just put a cordon around these hot spots (a bit like I was trained to do nearly half a century ago, but that was for Vietnam and then we might well have burnt their cordoned village) - oops - maybe that was the sort of thing that upset the locals.

So just cordon the bastards and let them fight it out. Does anyone seriously think Shia Iran is going to let Sunni ISIL take it over?

The Middle East is a cluster **** largely because of interminable Western interference in it, which has failed to let the local sediment settle.

Why not let it settle, and save what will otherwise be wasted Western lives?

Nobody is going to save the wasted lives the likes of ISIL take.