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11-12-2014, 10:52 AM
a quick summary of this fact can be seen (for those who are divorced from these issues)
for example, in the comparison chart prepared by the USAF in its fighter aircraft,
perhaps I had found in the wikipedia page on the F-7 Tigercat..
(but I'm not sure, however, I found that chart looking info on F-7)

because I have not yet figured out what its technical characteristic that determines this outcome, regardless of the myths and legends of various aircraft, such as the comparison Spitfire / Me109 or between the Spitfire and P51 itself

For example, I thought it was crucial the queue length and relative distance between the tail (which operate the power of pull-up, the typical maximum tack, that at 90 degrees or Schneider) and the center of gravity of the aircraft, approximately in the center of wings

In fact, the only special feature and relief of this aircraft (P51) is the advanced airfoil, but it is not at all clear how this would affect the forces of change of direction during the turn..

Thank you for your attention
Ivan Storchi - storki@alice.it
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Frankly Dude Really
03-25-2015, 08:53 AM
Are you telling us this, or is there a question hidden ?

Frankly Dude Really
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with this :