View Full Version : Littlefield Tank collection to be auctioned.

07-11-2014, 04:19 PM
Since Mr. Littlefield has shuffled off his Mortal Coil, at least part of his extensive collection of Armor, and other types of fighting, and military vehicles will go to auction. Well over 100 vehicles, and equipments will be sold. The collection holds a large number of WW II German armored vehicles, including the well publicized Panther. Need a place to shelter your squirreled away millions?

I watched some of the auction on line, some of the notable sales were a Centurion of unknown condition going for 58,000 US A couple of M-4's in the 260,000 US range, a T-54A went for 75,000 US, and a Leopard 1 for 160,000 US. ( I remember turning down an M-4 in drivable condition for 10,000 US back in the late 70's, that being too expensive at the time) Some of the more select lots went for large sums. An M-4 A2 Soviet contract went for 300,000 US, an SDK 8 ton half track sold for 1,050,000 US An LVT (A)-5 went unsold at 375,000 and a Sherman Jumbo in 95% condition went unsold at 800,000 Lastly, a Panzer 4 Aus G went unsold at over 1.2 million. Oddly enough, many of the lots sold went to some older gentleman in Australia. Has RS* been holding out on us?? ;) :)