View Full Version : My kind of modern general

Rising Sun*
06-17-2013, 09:57 AM
Watch video, read article.

I wish we had just one politician in this country who had a tenth of his commitment to principle; a thousandth of his plain speaking; and a millionth of his determination to steer the right course.


06-17-2013, 10:17 AM
Absolutely with the General on this. A comrade should be treated as a comrade, irrespective of race, gender, or whatever. Soldiers behaving in the manner suggested in this scandal should bear in mind who might have to save their miserable hides in a tight battle situation. On the gender point - a fair number of female field medics have been seriously injured or killed in Afghanistan trying to do exactly this. Or, in other words, their duty. I suppose I am a bit puritanical myself, and inclined to be, well, let us just say optimistic about human nature against all evidence to the contrary. But there it is. Give that man a medal ! JR.