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10-18-2012, 12:36 PM
Moscow - Almost 60 years after the death of Joseph Stalin (1879-1953) more and more Russians regard the dictator in a positive way. About 48% of the respondents considered Stalins historical role as "good" according to the Levada center, the Russian independent non-government polling and sociological research organisation.
15 Years ago 60 per cent of the population perceived Stalin negatively, today only 22 per cent share this opinion. This was announced by Levada's director Lev Gudkov. As the reason for this he mentioned a certain "trivialization of the Stalinist epoch".
In Russian schools Stalin is today portrayed as a politician who founded a super power that served national interest - despite of all repressions. Thereby a glorification of the era is attended through pseudo-historic literature. Since many years human rights activists deplore that Stalin's responsibility for the death of millions of people isn't picked out as a central theme publicly in modern Russia. The Soviet Union's victory over Hitler's fascism in 1945 mostly remains in the foreground.

Article translated from http://www.aachener-zeitung.de/
Source: dpa

10-19-2012, 03:10 AM
15 Years ago 60 per cent of the population perceived Stalin negatively, today only 22 per cent share this opinion.
Source: dpa
This is a true. But there are a more deep reasons lie behind this phenomen then Levada center tells. Endeed the total corruption , military desasters , rise of terrorism,tehnological impotency and TOTAL criminalization of society THREATs to the Russian modern state and population MORE then it was ever in history, including the period of stalinism. The state can't defend the peoples and even doesn't wish to care about them. Therefore the stalinism is seemed NOT that bad compared to the modern kremlins "cleptocracy" . Becouse in such a state one has more chances to die or suffer then in stalin's USSR to be placed in GULAG.That's a serious problem the Levada center doesn't even touch.
The truly reasons of modern stalinisation is that the modern youngs see the DEGENERATION the moder national elite and observing the future of Russia getting very problematic , thus, begin inevitable revisionism of the past, when the state hasn't been in such desperate and danger crisis.