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I am trying to understand how the SdKfz 233 and 234/3 were used in combat. It is a little easier to understand how the SdKfz 251/9 used its 7,5 cm howitzer to support grenadiers, but how the recce units used the 8-rad versions is a little harder for me to visualize, especially with their relatively narrow angle of traverse. Essentially, I wonder how effective these weapons were in very mobile and fluid situations faced by recce units. It seems more logical to use these weapons when grenadiers are assaulting fixed positions or improvised strong points.

Just wondering if there is insight out there that could help me visualize how these weapons were used.


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I noticed that there were 80 views (at the time I am writing this,) but no replies. Is my question not interesting, dumb or hard to understand? I am pretty new to this site and wanted to learn how I could engage in discussions in a way which will stimulate others and help me to learn about the nuances and dispel myths of WW2.

Your advice is appreciated.

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I suspect it's simply that people aren't familiar with the system and so can't comment meaningfully. Not everyone on here is an expert, after all - mostly we're just laymen with an interest in WW2 history. If you put some photos up we may be able to speculate (a significant number of members have military experience ranging from the Cold War onwards), but the chances of finding someone with a definitive answer are pretty low.

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All I have found about the Heavy Armoured Car units (especially those in Panzer Divisions) is that as well as the recconaisance role they had a secondary role of flank defence and covering force. They do not appear to have been expected to take part in the mobile advance to battle as much as take a defensive position (unfortunately the best book i have on them is in Russian and mine is terrible).

They could move to threatened areas quicker and to give them a measure of increased firepower some were equipped with the 75mm L24 (some were also equipped with 50m and 75mm AT weapons).

I have relatively little information about them and they are rarely mentioned in the Panzer Tactics and organisation books I have (at least I have not found much).

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You might have better luck here: http://forum.axishistory.com/

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Wow, great information! Thanks!