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03-25-2012, 09:23 PM
Growing up a Jewish Yugoslav in Sarajevo in the shadow of Hitler's rise in Europe; escaping the first Bosnian genocide in 1941; civilian internee of war (Geneva Convention name for enemy civilian prisoners) in Asolo, Italy, from 1941 -43 and nine months fugitive in Rome until liberation in June 1944; participant in the armored campaing against the Jaeger Division in Dalmatia util the end of the war in Europe; correspondent at the WWII Peace Conference in Paris 1946 and Koren Peace Talks in 1951; foreign editor in Belgrade during the Tito-Stalin rift in 1948; UN correspondent from 1953 until November 1956, resigning in protest against Tito's refusal to support the Hungarian Revolution. Author also of several books in Serbi-Croatian.