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01-31-2012, 04:21 AM
on 1 jul 43 the rus tank force out numbered the ger by 4x yet during the entire year the rus only out produced the ger in oil by double. on the same date the rus arty tubes out numbered the ger by 4x yet it was the ger shell production that out numbered the rus. the ger would fire more than 4x as many arty shells per tube as the russians. the russians were so short of arty shells that 1 in 3 shells were fired directly with higer loss rates amoust the crew and gun.

the rus were so concered with producing large numbers of equipment to keep up with their higher losses they could not keep up with proding large numbers of supply items. they also over produced in the equipment department thinking that more was allows better.

Rising Sun*
01-31-2012, 06:26 AM
Fer Chrissake, please write in conventional English.

Partly because from the reader's viewpoint it makes your contributions intelligible, and partly because from your viewpoint it makes it vastly more likely that you'll get others to engage in discussion with you.

As it is, if I see another post from you with rus, ger and arty and the other guys you apparently drink with at your local bar, I won't bother reading any more of your posts. And probably no one else will, either.

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I can't resist!

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Last time I look at his posts go back to China dude or SPAEK ENGLISH


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All right, at the risk of "piling on"...(and mostly because I like the cartoon).

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Pourquoi ne parlez-vous pas anglais correctement ? Il est très grossier pour ne pas parler anglais correctement.

Beware those who speak in tongues.

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The different shells must be so called according to the sound they make, much as they were in WW I. so the Ger shell must make a "Gerrrrrr" sound as it passes, the Rus shell a "rushing to the front" sort of noise. And the arty shell goes "veerrrry eeenteressting" as it passes by.

01-31-2012, 08:16 PM