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Hans Molier
01-03-2012, 05:44 AM
On 3 June, 1945 the British commando Joseph Ball was fatally shot by a trigger-happy Dutch soldier. He was buried in a fieldgrave near Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. After the war he was reburied at the British Cemetery at the Ruytershoveweg in Bergen op Zoom. Of his fieldgrave is a photo, and we want to know the following :

1. When and where was this photo taken ?
2. Who are the civilians on this photo ?
3. What is the name of the soldier on this photo ?

By the way, the photo of the fieldgrave of Joseph Ball can be found on Fieldgrave Joseph Ball - British commando (http://www.bndestem.nl/regio/bergenopzoom/10124929/Britse-familie-graaft-in-verleden-van-Joseph-Ball.ece). We've already contacted the CWGC, National Archives, British Commando Association, and the city of Bergen op Zoom but untill now whe've received no news.

If you have any information about the fieldgrave of Joseph Ball or about this photo, would you please let me know ?

Many thanks,


Hans Molier
01-17-2012, 03:18 AM
Anyone any idea in which military unit the (British ?) soldier on the photo served ?