View Full Version : Looking for colour photographs of signposts, propaganda posters etc... during WWII

08-10-2011, 03:33 AM
Hi all

let me explain a bit about this.
I am manager of a store specialized in 1/30th scale military miniatures. We also sell a lot of diorama materials, but unfortunately some items are relatively hard to find.
Hence, I have decided to start making some of my own, together with a sculptor.
So, I need to find some reference material, and I want to be as historically accurate as possible.
A few of the first items on my list to make are signposts, barrels, crates, craters and so on.
For the signposts, I am looking for colour photos of indication arrows, streetsigns, and any other type of signage (German military signs and indications).
Most images are however black and white, so if anyone has images containing any of the above, I would greatly appreciate your help, or, if you have any black and white images, but you know what the colours would be, please let me know.

I am looking to do diorama items for the following theatres:

North Africa (Tobruk,...)
Normandy and break-out
Market Garden
Battle of the Bulge and to a lesser extend Berlin and Eastern Front/Stalingrad

I also look for propaganda postsers, and though I know it is relatively easy to find these online, I was wondering which ones of these would have been used for recruitment etc in the regions (and appropriate periods, for example, no 1940 recruitment posters that were put up in the Ardennes to be put in 1945 Battle of the Bulge dioramas) described above. The plan would be to re-create these in two versions, the original one and one defaced with appropriate (resistance) slogans.

In advance my thanks for any help that may come my way in this endeavour