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07-22-2011, 08:00 PM
My Father was in the Pacific theater, and was part of the forces of occupation in Japan. He spoke of operating radio, and radar equipment, and of throwing chaff from aircraft (although I cant be sure if he did that, or was just describing the practice) He said he was part of a unit called the Tokyo Trolly, my guess it was for the purpose of delivering bomb loads, (again not sure.) they had a patch, and I know we have discussed it previously, and I promised to post an image of it should it ever resurface.
I am unsure as to it being an official issued patch, or something the unit members had made up for themselves, but here it is. (Thanks to my older brother Mike for finding it) The patch basically shows the world with Japan's islands, and the long track the trolly rides to Tokyo shown as the red spot. The stylized trolly has what apprear to be wings at the back, though this may be flaming exhausts. (at this point, its anyone's guess.)
Feel free to download the image if you like.

Update: The patch is that of the 375th Troop Carrier Group, part of the 5th Air Force.