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03-30-2011, 05:00 PM
It's not properly about WWII, but it's a political science book about the fascist ideology and it's real meaning. One of the authors is a friend of mine, since the age of 9, and the other from several years. They're really dear friends for me.
The book, "Fascist Identity", had quite success in international achademic world, being mentioned by American Historical Review and by catalogs of Yad Vashem Institution.
It has also a valuable foreword by Prof. Gregor.

“FASCIST IDENTITY” provides an interpretation which places fascism outside the traditional political categories of right and left, it is proposed as innovative politological research compared to a deeper understanding of this ideology, and through consultation with many studies specialists, as well as a whole series of original documents that describe the fascist project, analyzes the totalitarian evolution during Years '20, '30 and '40 of the twentieth century, through the writings of founder Benito Mussolini and those who, like the philosopher Giovanni Gentile, contributed to form the fascist political identity. Thus, the authors hope to bring to the attention of readers one of the most original and misunderstood particularities of the history of fascism, what the “regime” intended to create, a new social model focused on the direct participation of the masses in political life of the Italian nation, through the totalitarian full adherence to the universal values of Ethical Corporative State.

"This collection is very useful for any scholar interested in a competent summary of Fascism's own rationale. It brings together, in one place, materials that are now very difficult to find."

A. J. Gregor , Professor of Political Science – Berkeley, University of California.

"Fascist Identity is a welcome addition to the primary sources available to a new generation of students who are at long last being actively encouraged by historians to apply "methodological empathy" to understanding Fascism. Thanks to such collections of documents it emerges as neither Mussolinismo nor a parenthesis in the rise of liberal nationalism, let alone an explosion of capitalist reaction. Rather it can be seen clearly as an ideologically driven and genuinely mass-mobilising movement with a revolutionary project for the socio-cultural and politico-economic transformation of Italy within an alternative modernity. Hence the sacralisation of politics, ducismo, and totalitarianism under Mussolini were not expressions of social control and mass brainwashing, but of the project, however flawed and ill-conceived, to socially engineer a new national community and a new 'man'."

Roger Griffin , Professor in Modern History , Oxford Brookes University.

And, most important thing, you can also read it for free :