View Full Version : Battlestations: Pacific (xbox 360)

08-10-2010, 10:15 AM
If you're a WW2 buff, you have an xbox 360, and you don't have this game... SHAME ON YOU!!

I just got it yesterday so I'm not much better... :oops:

Anyway, it's a real time strategy game in which you can actually take over your units. As in, I'll go to my map screen, direct my battleship and destroyers to make a blocking maneuver so my carrier doesn't get hit, then I'll launch a squadron of Avengers from my carrier and torpedo the Japanese Battleships trying to flank me. Then when my squadron inevitably falls to Ack Ack, I launch another and take over the battleship and nail 'em with the deck guns for awhile.

The boats move as slow as they do in real life. The planes fly as they do in real life. All the makes and models are right on.

This game is as close to a full on WW2 naval battle as I've seen. I can't say enough about it. There's been probably ten times when I looked at my buddy (equally as fanatical about WW2 as I am) and just said, "WHOOOOOAAA, that was coooooool!!!"

I got it for $29 at Wal-Mart. RUN, don't walk.