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07-05-2010, 10:50 AM
well not literally. but the USS Barb (SS-220) was credited with blowing one up when a shore party was dispacted to blow up railroad tracks and got a train as a bonus.

Barb was sent to the U.S. for a yard overhaul and alterations, which included the installation of 5 in (130 mm) rocket launchers at the Captain's request. Returning to the Pacific, she commenced her 12th and final patrol on 8 June. This patrol was conducted along the coasts of the Sea of Okhotsk. For the first time in submarine warfare, Barb successfully employed rockets, against the towns of Shari, Hokkaido; Shikuka, Kashiho; and Shiritoru on Karafuto. She also bombarded the town of Kaihyo To with her regular armament, destroying 60 percent of the town. She next landed a party of carefully selected crew members who blew up a railroad train. This is notable as the only ground combat operation that took place on the Japanese home islands.


its at the very bottom center. you can see it better in the story: http://www.bluehawksofhal-5.org/news_files/USS%20BarbSS220.htm

08-14-2010, 07:14 AM
In WW1, there was a Patrol by HM Submarine E 11, Commanded by one Max Horton, later to be the Admiral of WW2 fame.
It was the second patrol into the Sea of Marama, and E 11 was joined by E 13, her sister sub.
The two captains arranged to meet, and together issued instructions to their crews for "Operation: Let's Play Trains".........

I invite you to imagine the following scene, in early evening, just offshore in the Sea of Marama:

E 11 positions herself at the Eastern end of a railroad tunnel which passes through a cliff-face at almost beach-level.
E 13 positions herself at the Western end of the same tunnel...

Shortly there-after, the 7.45pm from Istanbul is seen heading into the tunnel... (it is now about 8.15pm)...

E11 opens fire onto the cliffs above the tunnel-mouth, rocks fall, train screeches to halt, backs-up into tunnel with great alacrity and enthusiasm...

The rear of the train emerges thus from the western end of the tunnel, whereupon E 13 opens fire onto the rocks above the tunnel-mouth...

and the train screeches to a halt, then advances rapidly eastwards into the tunnel ...

The two submarines "play" thus for about another 15 minutes or so, before signalling each-other via shaded lamp, quietly submerging and exiting the bay the tunnel is at the head of.

Kind and Respectful Regards Namvet my friend, Uyraell.