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04-07-2010, 07:35 PM
In COD WAW (Call of Duty World at War) the Japanese used British guns. What the game calls "Type 100" is the Sten Mark 2 SMG (Sub Machine Gun), a British gun, and the "Type 99" which is the Bren light MG (Machine Gun) also a British gun. The Japanese have not ever been issued the Sten or the Bren, they were not even on the same side. Briten was on the Allie Powers while Japan was a part of the Axis Powers. The Type 99 was a variant of the Arisaka. So how did the game designers get Bren out of Type 99? I'm not complaining about the game, I just want to know what peice of information I'm missing. If anyone knows anything that I dont about this topic please fill me in.

04-14-2010, 12:23 PM

The type 100 only looks similar. It is in fact a japanese development based on the Bergmann and Beretta MPs bought and used by IJN during the 1930th incidents in China. It used the quite poor 8 mm Nambu pistol ammunition which was not satisfying. Only around 10000 were built and issued to special airborne raiding companies and second line units (I was always impressed how many japanese soldiers were equipped with these in Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and COD WaW, totally unrealistic...). The Type 100 used a curved magazine, Sten not.

The Type 99 lMG is a successor of the earlier Type 96 lMG which was more or less a modified czech ZB 30 lMG (german designation MG 30(t)). Lots of these were captured in China in mid-1930th, even a local ammunition production was started.
The british Bren MG is also a modified version of the ZB 26/30 series and so all mentioned lMG are quite similar in technology and appearance.


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04-21-2010, 12:45 AM
Thanks for the info, i really like guns espically war guns and games and espically ww2 gun & games. i knew i was missing something i just didnt know what thanks for the very satisfiying info Tom. and sorry it took so long 2 reply.

The only beef i have with the game now is with the Soviet guns. more specifically the Mosin-Nagant, that gun is a straight bolt rifle and yet in the game it has a curved bolt. I'm pretty confident that their has never been a curved bolt varient of the rifle issued during the corse of ww2, i am aware that their is a curved bolt upgrade for the rifle but is more for collectors. so if anyone knows anything about this please inform me.