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04-07-2010, 08:00 AM
Hi , i've just read the Gen's Sandworm news anout events of 8 aprill 1944.
I found some mistakes..

1944 : Russians attack Germans in drive to expel them from Crimea

On this day in 1944, Russian forces led by Marshal Fedor Tolbukhin attack the German army in an attempt to win back Crimea, in the southern Ukraine, occupied by the Axis power. The attack would result in the breaking of German defensive lines in just four days, eventually sending the Germans retreating.
Crimea was the territorial plaything of many great powers, from the Ottoman Turks to the Russia of Ivan III. It had declared its independence in 1918 but was occupied again by Germany in 1941. It was "liberated" by the Russians, only to find itself trapped within the greater Soviet Union. It once again declared itself an independent republic in the 1990s.

The mistakes touch to the history of Crimea.
1. it wasn't declared it's independence in 1918, but in 1920 it was joined to the RSFSR( Bolshevic Russia).
2.It wasn't "independent Republic" in 1990s, coz already in 1995 the Crimea is getting the Autonomy area of .... Ukraine.
3. To call "liberation" ( in marks) of Crimea by Russians in 1944 is .... nonsence coz yet since 1900 the absolute majority of Crimea's population were ethnical russians.So the Liberation was real...