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Stingray was the primary vessel of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, operating from Marineville somewhere off the California coast.

Capable of 600 knots and submerging to 36,000 feet, there was no part of the world's oceans that Stingray could not reach during rescue missions or combating underwater threats.

Stingray is piloted by Captain Troy Tempest, with Lieutenant George 'Phones' Sheridan navigating and operating the hydrophone.

The series was designed by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, it preceded Thunderbirds and was first broadcast in the UK in 1964.


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I remember that show, wasn't it in black & white ?
How did you figure out the colors ?

A great era of super-marionation, along with XL5, Captain tempest, supercar, thunderbirds...
I saw a documentary on the production of those series, the sets and studios were HUGE !

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Yes, the production values were quite high, and the costs too... especially for Thunderbirds!

Stingray was in colour, in fact it was the first British TV series to be filmed entirely in colour for the whole production run.

Of course the transmission was in black and white as ITV didn't switch until 1969...

Oh, the intro part on YouTube has all the colour :)


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Ah, that would explain it !
I watched it on a black & white TV then...
I doesn't get us any younger:shock:

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You were lucky to have a TV, I had to walk down the road to my grandmother's house to watch TV...

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Beautifully done Clave . :)
I used to enjoy all the Jerry Anderson series.
Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, U.F.O, Terrahawks (not that I ever saw that much of it), Fireball XL5, Supercar (the first of the J_A shows I recall seeing).

Kindest Regards, Uyraell.

02-21-2010, 03:05 PM
Stingray was the first for me, then Thunderbirds - didn't see much, if any of the others, but all those series had great vehicles... :cool:

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Clave, in early 2005 I found a book (about 140$ NZ then) that detailed many of the J_A series vehicles, and how they had been made. Shown, were the aircraft, tank, and submarine, ship, kitsets that were extensively modified to produce the vehicles in the shows.
The reason many of the treaded vehicles have Russian tank tracks, for example, is that J_A brought up a LOT of tank kits from a manufacturer that was going out of production in the UK/Europe.
Later, many of those same kits were available in Eastern Europe...

Kind Regards, Uyraell.