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01-22-2010, 09:12 AM
The Dornier Do-17 was a light fast bomber which entered service with the Luftwaffe in 1937. It was nick-named 'the flying pencil' due to it's slim design.

The early versions of the Do-17 first saw action in the Spanish Civil War, and later in Poland and Norway. It was very successful at first due to it's speed and maneuverability, but as newer fighters became available, losses increased.

The Do-17 was modified as a night-fighter, and exported as the D0-215. It was armed with up to 6 x 7.92mm machine guns, and carried up to 1,000Kg of bombs internally.

Do-17 Z-2 of Stab/KG3 Luftwaffe, 1940.


Do-17 Z-2 of 1/KG76 Luftwaffe, 1940.


Do-17 Z-2 of 8/KG76 Luftwaffe, 1940.


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Nice mate. More bombers to come?

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Definitely... more German bombers anyway... :)

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Sounds good to me. :)

01-28-2010, 11:22 PM
Beautiful renderings, Clave! :)
I find myself wondering if you'll ever do a Greiff ( He.177 ) or derivative, or a Ta152 H2 or H4.

Kindest Regards, Uyraell.

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Brilliant pics Clave!

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Thanks! :)

I have already drawn the He-177, but can't show you until some issues have been sorted out... but if I don't get paid for my work, then you can be sure that all five of them will appear here.. ;)