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12-01-2009, 09:14 AM
So, for those that love to throw their money away at CHARITY, here is another example of your well intent donation going haywire. A Toronto Animal Shelter has been raided by the Police and they found they were feeding the animals 3 year old expired cat/dog food and they found a mummified cat in the ceiling and allegations of neglect etc. 3-4 arrests for animal cruelty and now all the donations are going to their legal defence!.(and what did they do with the money-they bought 4 yr old catfood) This is exactly why you canít trust giving your money to charity! I have said it once and I will say it a million times, giving to charity is a waste of your hard earned money!

It may be described as a "house of horrors" by the OSPCA, but the Toronto Humane Society is a multi-million-dollar charity.
According to financial records from the Canada Revenue Agency, the embattled society brought in more than $9 million in tax-receipted gifts last year alone.
With almost $9.5 million in total revenue, it spent $1.9 million on advertising and promotion, $4 million on salaries and wages, and $2 million in the category of "other expenditures."
In the society's 2008 registered charity information return, it lists 44 full-time employees and 98 part-time or part-year staff. Of those employees, only four earned $80,000-$119,000 and only one over $119,000, according to the return.
But the document doesn't specify how much the society spent on legal fees last year.
Chris Avery, the private counsel hired by the OSPCA, said the society has spent around half a million dollars on legal fees already this year.
"About a third of that seems to be spent on labour disputes and two-thirds of that seems to be spent on litigation with outside parties," Avery said.
In a statement last night, society senior communicator Ian McConachie said the humane society is audited annually by KPMG and those statements are approved by the society's members annually.
McConachie added that Canada Revenue audited the society last September.
"(The CRA) raised no issues regarding the organization's finances," he stated.

12-20-2009, 04:42 AM
I find it sad that the good works of many reputable charites and many thousands of volunteer workers are held in disrepute because of the mis-representation of others.

My wife in involved with several charities and does a lot of work on their behalf. Naturally, I support her in this and have visited a number of organisations and witnessed the way in which they function.

One of these is Heather House in Tadley, Hampshire. It is run by Seeability, the operating name for the Royal School for the Blind. At Tadley, a purpose built home for young people suffering from Juvenile Batten's Disease - which is a fatal disease - I met a young lady of seventeen years who could neither see nor speak and was totally paralysed. Seeability had rescued her from an old peoples home, where she spent her days lying in her urine with no way to communicate with any of the staff.

Since moving to Tadley, her quality of life has been enhanced in many ways. She has constant care. The specially trained staff - most of whom are trained by Seeability - have found a way in which to communicate with her, and have discovered that she loves classical music, of which she now has a huge collection. Furthermore, the home contains a hydrotherapy pool which she is able to be lifted into by an electric hoist. Trained members of the staff enter the pool with her, enabling her to enjoy the sense of weightlessness - consider what it must be like to be lying on your back night and day!

Another young chap with a similar condition, is able to get about, with assistance, in a wheelchair. He too has difficulty communicating and all communication with him is done by the process of asking him questions and he replying by blinking his eyes. Since he arrived there, it has been discovered that he is a big Star Trek fan and his room - which I was priviliged to see - bears witness to this.

The specialised service which this charity, and others, provide enable local authorities to place the service users in an environment where their quality of life is enhanced. It would be very expensive for any individual local authority to finance such homes - much more affordable to fund the charity, which has a wider catchment area and thus be can be funded by any number of local authorities, the collective effect being the provison of a truly first class service.

These charities are funded by the local authorities to provide the basic services. They rely on public fundraising to acquire further services (such as, in the case of Seeability, a tandem club).



Here's a write up on a carol service for another charity which I attended as 'Husband-of' :lol:.


Gary D.
12-20-2009, 10:33 AM
Like most people, over the years Iíve occasionally been screwed over by a contractor doing a shoddy job and then not coming back to make good, but Iíve never been the victim of a scamómainly because Iím so reluctant to give out financial information.

Iím not big on sending flowers when someone dies, so when my aunt passed away a few years ago, knowing that she loved animals, I sent a check in her name to her city's local humane society. and asked them to notify my cousin of the donation in her name. No problem.

Then, a few months ago when my cousin's Yorkshire terrier died, I thought Iíd do the same thing. I checked out various humane societies for the small Oklahoma town, thinking Iíd bypass the humane society. There was a prominent site for something that looked good. At the time I didnít notice that they didnít give an addressójust a post office box. They wanted credit card information and how much I wanted to give on a monthly basis. They did, however, have a map with a big star showing their purported locationóand it looked as though their facility was next door to my cousinísósame street, just a block away. Anyway, when I emailed them saying I just wanted to send a check and would they notify her of the donation in her petís name, I never heard back.

She drove over and saw nothing that looked like this non-existent facility, as did her son. A day later the site totally disappeared from the Internet.
Obviously they wanted to collect credit-card information from gullible animal lovers.

Shows one has to be really careful. But legitimate charities provide needed services, both for animals and to people. But check them out first.

12-31-2009, 01:43 PM
Another story about why we should not give to Charities. When will you goody two shoe peoples wake up and see the light. It’s a no Brainer!. Giving to Charity is giving your money away to corrupt greddy chizlers, like these stories below!

The appropriation of funds for those in need during the holiday season has become such a huge business for some of America's charitable organizations, that we talk in terms of billions of dollars donate by Americans every year to some organizations who most of us have heard of, but really know very little about. The sad fact is that there are some of these boiler room charities whose sole purpose is the raising of funds to feed their corporate appetite for raising more money. At some of these scandal plagued charities in name only, less than 10% of the money donated is actually put to the use that donors intend it for. And with little to no government oversight, combined with the refusal by some of these places to open up their books to the public, we can safely assume the have something to hide.

One of the best watchdog type of agencies that receive almost no publicity mainly due to the fact that they expose the corrupt charities, down to the dollar amounts received and the outflow of dollars going to what the charity's stated mission is, is an organization called the Charity Navigator. Being the research type, I run through their site on a regular basis, and was appalled at some of the outright fraud they know all about, but the general public is blissfully unaware of.

Let's have a peek at what's going on behind the scene at one of America's worst charities.

Starting with the American Red Cross, there is literally an entire section of the Charity Navigator's site devoted to this most corrupt and mismanaged so called charity, with an entire blog section that details so many instances of embezzlement that has gone unpunished and money that has been donated by good hearted Americans that can not be accounted for, that one must wonder exactly why this corporation exists in the first place.

Two of the largest scandals to rock this agency in recent memory have been the misuse and outright theft of funds given generously by the public to help the victims of the 9/11 attacks, and Hurricane Katrina.

According to aid workers, and directors of agencies set up in the aftermath of these incidents, money that was supposed to flow into the coffers of agencies to be distributed to the actual victims of these disasters has never been received, causing untold misery for those who have the most need. So what is going on at the Red Cross and why can't they keep a national chapter head for very long? And where are the billions of dollars in donations that were given to the charity in the aftermath of Katrina? One of the answers buried on page six should help to clarify things just a little.

First and foremost, and not known by most, is the fact that the Red Cross is now packed full of Bush appointees. The very same people who have taken the nation as a whole down the road to ruin, are also the people who sit on the ARC's Board of Directors, such as Michael Chertoff, and Condoleeza Rice, among others who also work in the Bush Administration.

The most recent head of the Red Cross was quietly fired, with almost no attention paid to the fact that the reason that he was released was due to his having an affair with the head of the South East Red Cross Chapter. Mark Everson, the Red Cross National Chapter appointee, and Paige Roberts, of the South East Chapter were both married, and Roberts is now pregnant with Everson's child. But even more important is the issue of monies that are alleged to have been used by both to carry on their affair, that came from the coffers of the Red Cross. In any other corporation, someone would be on their way to jail for this type of activity, but for some reason, the Red Cross seems to be moving swiftly to cover up the entire incident and sweep it all under their proverbial rug.

All mention of the scandal is disappearing from their individual chapter web sites faster than one can find the postings, and in fact, all references to the scandal are being pulled from even pages on AOL. Going further, the web site for the South East Chapter is gone entirely, and is currently 'under construction.'

Who would have that type of pull? Again, all we have to do is look at the Board of Directors. The secrecy and refusal to disclose information is so in step with the Bush White House policy, that it has now become almost impossible to differentiate between the administration and the charity. They have become essentially one and the same, which was never the intent of the founders of the Red Cross. Could this be just another chapter in the saga of this administration's middle finger to America's poor? Much in the vein of the appointments of unqualified people running FEMA, Everson's appointment to the Red Cross chair was suspect from the outset, as he had absolutely no experience whatsoever in running any charitable organization, coming, as he did, from being the former Commissioner of the IRS.

Public statements by the Red Cross about the misuse of funds by Everson and Roberts are vague and only say that the matter is being looked into. Privately, Red Cross and industry insiders talk of the fuming mad Board looking for any amount misspent by the pair and how they intend to make them pay any money used back.

All of this would be bad enough, but when one starts to delve just a little deeper into what happens to the money that is donated to the Red Cross, a pattern begins to emerge. Going into just the 25 million dollar donation by the country of Kuwait earmarked for the victims of Katrina, the pattern of misuse becomes clear. None of the 25 million dollars went to aid any victim. It was used instead, on 'administrative costs.'

Kirby Sommers, who heads Katrina Home Drive, has looked into where a lot of the theft has been happening, and has compiled a startling list of fraud, theft and abuse at the agency, none of it reported on or looked into by our 4th Estate.Among her findings are these little gems:

Eileen Therese Saxon of the Asheville, North Carolina Red Cross chapter charged with embezzling $165,000 – 9% of its $1.25 million dollar annual budget. (Source Ashville Citizen Times)

Karen Shuerger, former assistant director of accounting at the Orange County, California Chapter of the Red Cross has been sentenced to six months in Federal prison, ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $110,000 and when she is released, she will also serve 3 years of supervised release and six months of home detention. (Source: NY Times)

Red Cross Director Jonathon A. Jarrell of Virginia indicted on one count of embezzlement. Jarrell allegedly embezzled about $16,452 from the chapter between November 2004 and July 2006.

Joseph Lecowitch, CEO of the Hudson County Chapter in New Jersey, and his bookkeeper Catalina Escoto. Escoto gave herself $75,000 in bonuses. According to prosecutors, these two stole well over $1 million Red Cross donor dollars squandering it on gambling and each other. (Source: NY Times).

The list goes on and on, and includes reports by Red Cross volunteers of bags of money that simply disappeared, with no accounting of where the money went, or even of how much was stolen.

Every single charity watchdog group online has been calling for Congress to step in and clean up this mess by firing the entire Board of Directors, and imposing some sort of oversight on the agency, but to date, no one is willing to step forward and do anything about it.

With all of the cronyism, theft of donations, hirings of family members into positions that are essentially no show jobs, and the appointments of non experienced personnel, we can see once more just what this administration thinks about helping the poor, or victims of disasters. They have turned a once prestigious, caring organization, that could always be counted on to do good works, into their personal piggy banks, and the worst charity in America.

05-11-2010, 09:17 AM
For all you goody two shoe Suckers out there that feel a need to donate to Charity. Ha!

Charity closed after bad books revealed
Kevin Donovan Staff Reporter
A bogus AIDS charity that claimed it was curing disease in Africa with more than $200 million in life-saving drugs has been shut down by the Canada Revenue Agency.
The Orion Foundation, whose boss had a sideline business involving high class escort agencies, was operated for the “private gain” of the boss and fellow directors, a federal audit concluded.
Trips to Vegas and Cuba, home renovations, booze, hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexplained management fees, and virtually nothing for good works was uncovered by auditors.
The Star exposed the charity in April 2009 in an investigative report on the dual life of foundation founder James Arion.
By day, he was hooked up with a tax shelter that through a complicated series of transactions extracted millions of dollars from Canadian donors and then issued them tax receipts for up to five times the amount.
By night, the twice-bankrupt Arion used dummy corporations with mundane names like Neodec Services to process payments from johns who did not want the wife or a company auditor spotting a credit card payment from Cachet Ladies, Cupid Escorts or other agencies.
It's the latest in a series of charity cases delving into abuses in Canada's charitable sector.
Arion could not be reached for comment yesterday, nor could officials at the tax shelter, the Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy (COIP).
The charity records auditors had to deal with were a mess. Arion ran the charity and his prostitution-related business out of two adjacent homes in Stouffville, north of Toronto.
The audit focuses on the charity and the AIDS drug/tax shelter scheme, and only makes a brief reference to other businesses run by the charity's directors, but does not identify them.
Drilling down into the charity, auditors discovered that executives of the tax shelter were behind changes to the Orion Foundation that permitted it to be involved in the scheme.
James Arion set the foundation up (he called it the Aryan Foundation) in 1986, purportedly to run an unnamed orphanage and assist “children in distress”. It did nothing of the sort.
In 2005, executives from tax shelter COIP met Arion. The name was changed to the Orion Foundation and, according to the audit, COIP officials wrote the Canada Revenue Agency stating that the charity was now involved in “international humanitarian relief”. The CRA, which oversees charities, approved the change and the foundation went into high gear.
Tax shelters like COIP promote schemes to the public that, they say, will reduce the amount of income tax payable each year. They need charities to issue tax receipts. COIP used a Greek church for several years, but when CRA started probing the church, they switched to Orion.
CRA looked at two years in its audit — $91 million of tax receipts issued by Orion to taxpayers who were told their money was buying AIDS drugs for “Sub-Saharan Africa”. Based on the formula COIP used, this means that donors likely gave about $15 million dollars in real money during the 2006-2007 period, but receipts were issued for six times that amount, which helps the donor at tax time. This produced whopping tax credits for donors that meant that they earned more than $2,000 for every $1,000 they donated.
(CRA did not include the two most recent years — 2008-2009 — in its audit but charity documents indicate another $116 million in receipts were handed out in this period).
Auditors said they could not find any proof that “these pharmaceuticals were actually received, used or distributed” in Africa. They state they may have found proof that $10,750 went to charitable works of some sort but even that is unclear.
What they did find in the two years studied was a paper trail (not a very complete one) of payments to COIP for operating the scheme (most of the cash went there), about $360,000 in one year alone for “fundraising fees” to a company connected to the tax shelter, and a series of smaller payments (totalling about $320,000) to Arion, his wife and other directors of the charity for “management fees”.
Auditors also found $26,686 in travel expenses for a trip to Cuba including Arion, his wife, children and other charity directors. That trip included a stop in Las Vegas.
They also turned up $66,498 in “leasehold improvements” for Arion's home and more than $4,000 in “legal, meal and liquor expenses”.
The audit did not probe 2008, the year where the charity and the tax shelter did its biggest business.
Auditors concluded that the Orion Foundation's “charitable purposes have been side-tracked for the purpose of participating in and promoting the tax shelter.”
Meanwhile, thousands of Canadians are facing battles with the taxman because their donations to the Orion Foundation have been rejected. It is unknown (CRA won't say) if any action is being taken against COIP. The CRA's charities directorate has jurisdiction over charities, not tax shelter promoters, which are registered by another arm of the CRA.
As for Neodec Services, Arion's credit card processing company for prostitutes, its website is shut down.
The Orion Foundation's website was still operating Monday, encouraging donations and promising “an Official Donation receipt once we have confirmed receipt of funds.”

Rising Sun*
05-12-2010, 09:21 AM
Why should charities be any different to any other self-appointed do-gooders, moral guardian, religions and political parties which promise the world and deliver little when their main concern is survival of the committee which was created for a purpose which it has yet to achieve, and never will because they're obsessed with the survival of the committee?

I don't buy tickets for shiny cars in shopping centres; give money to highway collectors; or even, as I did with generous Xmas gifts of things of value to the very poor in very poor countries; generous gifts to those affected by the Asian tsunamai; and generous gifts to those affected by bushfires here a couple of years ago, give anything to major alleged aid organisations for the relief of anyone or anything because they don't spend my money on the things I gave it for nor often even for proper relief of suffering as they're run by a bunch of bloated ****s (the board inserts the asterisks - I said they're c u n t s) who have their snouts so far in the trough that their arseholes have disappeared under the feed.

05-12-2010, 01:09 PM
Bloody hell, I've missed you!!! :lol: