View Full Version : Photo of Sepp Dietrich with his SS Honor Ring

11-12-2009, 08:40 PM
I am trying to find photos that show Sepp Dietrich wearing his SS Honor Ring. Thanks to anyone who can direct me to a source such as a book or a site where I can acquire decent resolution images of him and the ring it would be greatly appreciated. I have attached the 3 low resolution images I have found so far. Images 1 and 2 look like the ring, image #3 shows him wearing it on the wrong hand, Heydrich did this too, I wonder if Sepp also at times wore it on his right hand.

Lastly, does anyone know that date he was awarded the SS Honor Ring? I can't find any reliable info on the date although I suspect it was 20.4.40, please advise of your source for the information as I'd like to know its level of accuracy.