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  1. Collective Punishment of Civilian Population - Ardeatine Caves Massacre.
  2. Funeral of Josef "Sepp" Dietrich
  3. Buck Compton (of "Band of Brothers") Died
  4. Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider video and info
  5. Most spectacular battles
  6. Archie
  7. What I would do To Hitler
  8. perhaps code
  9. Doolittle Raid - what was the Japanese public told?
  10. Generals who also carried rifles.
  11. An Excerpt from my Grandfather's Sino-Japanese War Stories
  12. WW2-themed art exhibition at Underline Gallery in NYC
  13. Maharaja provided a safe haven for 500 Polish orphans during World War II
  14. Correcting Errors
  15. Blechhammer camp complex
  16. "It'll only take a minute" saying
  17. 106th Infantry Division in World War II
  18. Grave adoption
  19. AGN Attacking Leningrad?
  20. World War II invasion of America:
  21. Dieppe - 70 years on.
  22. Greatest Generation?
  23. South Korea: Japan must educate its people about WWII
  24. 11th A/B, 187th regiment & more
  25. Could Germany have won the war ?
  26. German Nuclear Weapon Program
  27. Gen. Philippe Petain execution. Right verdict or unfair crime?
  28. Very rare ETO Jewish soldiers pictures
  29. Black RAF Aircrew in WW2
  30. "Made in Occupied Japan"
  31. Looking for a particular book
  32. Great quotes
  33. The sad military politics of war
  34. How Poles Helped Germans ...
  35. the Ghost Army
  36. Action of partisans - freedom fighters or insurgents ?
  37. Thank you!
  38. Former Nazi Commander Living in Minnesota
  39. Tig Welding
  40. End of band of brothers regiment
  41. Authentic WW2 German Flag?? Help
  42. WWII Aircraft
  43. The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
  44. The role of technology, did it affect the war's outcome?
  45. FB connects you to Wehrmacht offspring.
  46. Norway Occupation/Stavanger-Egersund
  47. What were some of the new opportunities opened up to women during the war?
  48. Any U-Boats near you?
  49. Ww2 movie called the key
  50. What did the Armies eat?
  51. The role of the USSR in World War II
  52. Why SP Island battles?
  53. What is your favorite book on the Second World War?
  54. Time lapse map of WW II showing the ebb, and flow of the tide of battle.
  55. Mail from POWs
  56. Help is this bullet still live?!
  57. Panzer IV or Sherman, which do you think was better?
  58. Churchill versus the rest - Best or worst WWII leader?
  59. Which service made the greatest contribution on all sides?
  60. When did WWII really begin?
  61. Why did MacArthur accept Japanese surrender?
  62. D-Day: Now And Then
  63. Was Japan considering surrender to the Soviets?
  64. Strangers on the deck
  65. Rotary wings in WW2
  66. Perfidious French?
  67. A tug for the giant
  68. Hell over the sea!
  69. Paintings by Adolf Hitler
  70. Kamikaze!
  71. The artillery of Pointe du Hoc
  72. Warbirds and Classic Aviation in Brazil
  73. as it does and why P51 turns shorter
  74. Proudly made in France
  75. Kiwis at war!
  76. Merry Christmas
  77. Leaving for War World 2 Photo
  78. Hello Everyone
  79. Which Theater was the most brutal?
  80. does someone know anything about this pic?
  81. Maps of the Second World War
  82. Fighter tactics in WW2 simpler than today's simulations ?
  83. With Mussolini as political leader, and not Hitler, Axis could win the war.
  84. A B-17 with five engines
  85. German & British air crew shoot each other down, then meet to help each other survive
  86. Enola Gay, heroism or insanity?
  87. Metal detector finds
  88. Eighth Air Force and sacrifice
  89. Rifles are heavy!
  90. European Theater - What was the turning point?
  91. WW II artifacts given by a Veteran
  92. Corpsmen In The Pacific
  93. Aviation Relics
  94. P-51 Mustang with rare cammo
  95. proof that the germans had supplied the russians with artillery
  96. Who was the best Nazi/German general during WWII?
  97. P-51 Mustang operations on aircraft carriers
  98. General Discussion on war. Opinions?
  99. Who was the best Nazi/German general during WWII?
  100. P-61 Black Widow with missile
  101. A naval version for Warhawk?
  102. What if Hitler was killed in Operation Valkyrie?
  103. unidentified
  104. nother unidentified item
  105. Men Say They Found Nazi Treasure Train in Poland
  106. What was post-World War II like?
  107. An exotic and different camouflage
  108. Comparison of Sherman vs. Panther Cross Country Performance
  109. P-38 captured!
  110. The best Russian bomber?
  111. The Soviet executioner of Luftwaffe
  112. Heavies Allies in Axis markings
  113. Grizzly (Rare Canadian produced Sherman) Sells For $155,000
  114. The B-17s who helped on D-Day June 6, 1944
  115. Dunkirk
  116. A Super Lightning?
  117. Better but not much!
  118. Found a WW2 tank shell - don't know if its still live!
  119. A day to be remembered or forgotten?
  120. A curious weapon
  121. Propaganda Posters
  122. Our Wars In 2 Minutes: WW1 to ISIS
  123. One was fantastic, two would be ...?
  124. A different view of the WW2
  125. The japanese sword jet
  126. "Poles killed more Jews than Germans during war".
  127. German militia of WW2 were world class locksmiths
  128. Helicopters in WW2
  129. Winter operations of the Luftwaffe
  130. WWII training airfield selection, following the War Powers Act, 1942?
  131. BG Jesse Lloyd Auton
  132. Happy Victory in Europe Day
  133. A brilliant strategy or despair?
  134. USS Augusta D-Day Question
  135. D-Day Survivor Remembers on 72d Anniversary
  136. A little-known Dutch
  137. Op Market Garden maps
  138. Who was the most overrated personality of WW2?
  139. Beautiful... and dangerous!
  140. The Ladies in color
  141. The Brazilian Boys
  142. Western wings under the Red Star
  143. A jet P-51 Mustang?
  144. Did the weather influence many battles?
  145. A Naval P-47?
  146. Air Raid Shelter
  147. Guerilla fighting - Post War
  148. A forgotten pilot
  149. Good generals seen as bad
  150. Which branch of service would you join?
  151. Weapons Cache discovered under German woman's home.
  152. Hilter Indicted for War Crimes Earlier than Believed, Allies Knew about Holocaust
  153. Sten gun vs Owens sub machine gun
  154. How would you have escaped from the Battle of Dunkirk, if you had to ?
  155. If there were no US of A
  156. The Most Important Action on D-Day
  157. Indianapolis wreck found
  158. Poland Wants Reparations From Germany
  159. Allied War Criminals
  160. Luftwaffe Towers in Vienna
  161. Eagle Scout makes documentary about USS Arizona survivor/ Pacific bomber pilot
  162. Monument against War and Fascism in Vienna
  163. Hugh Trevor Roper The last days of Hitler
  164. Mauthausen Concentration Camp Today (2017)
  165. Dead or Alive?
  166. Anschluss of austria: Then and now
  167. Hitler in Linz and Leonding 1899-1907 (Then and now)
  168. The greatest generation
  169. European theater
  170. learning help
  171. Could the USSR have taken all of Europe?
  172. Plaszow camp today (Krakow 2018)
  173. Krakow ghetto today