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My artworks

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These photos from the ww2 bringin to life by me
  1. Robbed out Waffen SS corpses near Fromond Saint
  2. US Troops at Solomon Islands
  3. Waffen SS officers in Prague near the Pulverturm
  4. Panzer IV crossing a river near a demolished bridge.North Soviet Union
  5. Polish soldiers training in the UK 1944
  6. Japanese marriage photo
  7. Wehrmacht soldiers march deep in the Soviet Union woods
  8. Waffen SS troops deep in the woods of Soviet Union
  9. Waffen SS troops in Poland 1939
  10. British troops deep behind  in German lines
  11. German Wehrmacht officer salute
  12. German Tiger tank in France
  13. Fallen Wehrmacht soldier.Road to Rome 1944
  14. German Fallschirmjager with Flak 88
  15. Violette Szabó SOE Agent
  16. Gebirgsjager in the Kaukazus
  17. Wehrmacht in Poland
  18. US and British soldier
  19. Wehrmacht Parade in Warsaw
  20. US Army training
  21. Young german Pow
  22. German Krads in Warsaw Poland 1939
  23. German Wehrmacht marching in the Soviet Union
  24. Soviet Tanker
  25. U.S. Army riflemen firing back under the Battle of Cisterna
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